Thursday 4th January 2007


Mud. mud, glorious mud will be my most abiding memory from this walk. Fields that should have taken 5 minutes to cross took 15 as I tried to avoid the deep, wet mud and standing pools of water that filled the first few fields that I crossed. To say that the ground is saturated is probably an understatement. Once I was clear of the fields and it stopped raining this was a very pleasant and easy walk that takes in quite a few pre-historic sites and monuments. 


Start: Elton (SK 2218 6097)


Route: Elton - Robin Hood's Stride - Birchover - Andle Stone - Stanton Moor (TP) - Birchover - Elton


Distance: 7 miles     Ascent: 343 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours 30 minutes


Weather: Rain to start then sunshine with the odd light shower.


Pub visited: None     Ale Drunk: None

Route Map


Looking towards Harthill Moor

Leaving Elton and looking across some very wet and muddy fields towards the edge of Harthill Moor. 


Robin Hood's Stride

Robin Hood's Stride which is possibly a temple from the Neolithic period.


Robin Hood's Stride

Robin Hood's Stride, more impressive from a distance than close up. 


Cratcliff Tor

Cratcliff Tor which is opposite Robin Hood's Stride.


Millennium Stone

The Millennium Stone in Birchover.


Andle Stone

The Andle Stone, a possible altar in prehistoric times. Strictly speaking 
this is on private land but access is generally tolerated.


Andle Stone

On closer inspection it is possible to see the footholds that have been worn into the stone over time.



The view to the north of the Andle Stone is quite extensive and probably explains 
why this stone became such an important  place. Looking north-west the view
 extends beyond the village of Youlgreave in the valley below.


Longstone Edge

Looking further round to the right, in a north-easterly direction, it is possible to see as far as Longstone Edge.


Cork Stone

The Cork Stone which I am told has a perfectly formed basin carved into
 the top of it. It is possible to climb to the top of it, but I haven't attempted it.


Beeley Moor

Looking across Stanton Moor to Beeley Moor.


Stanton Moor trig

Stanton Moor's trig point.


King Stone

The King Stone looking down on the Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor.


Nine Ladies Stone Circle

Nine Ladies Stone Circle on Stanton Moor with no protesters camped alongside as they
 have won their battle to stop the quarrying which was threatening
 to destroy much of the moor.


Cowley Knowl

Looking south from Stanton Moor with Cowley Knowl centre and Riber Castle just visible on the hill behind.


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