Sunday 22nd April 2007


Although the Tors are a feature of this area that we have visited before we had never explored the other side of the Goyt Valley, so today we set out to put that right. There are plenty of good paths to follow, although once you are away from the reservoirs the landscape is quite desolate which probably explains why we saw so few people as we made our way to Burbage Edge. 


Start: The Street car park (SK 0135 7564)


Route: The Street car park - Wildmoorstone Brook - Burbage Edge (CT) - Berry Clough - Shining Tor (CT) - Pym Chair
            - Foxlow Edge - The Street car park


Distance: 10.75 miles     Ascent: 675 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours 40 minutes 


Weather: A bit of everything. Overcast to start, then blue sky, followed by rain and more blue sky.


Pub visited: Wye Bridge Inn, Buxton      Ale Drunk: Boddingtons Bitter

Route Map


Wild Moor across Errwood Reservoir

Looking across Errwood Reservoir to Wild Moor.


Errwod & Fernilee Reservoirs

Errwood Reservoir with Fernilee Reservoir behind it, from the path behind Bunsal Cob.


Wildmoorstone Brook

Looking down Wildmoorstone Clough with the Tors in the background.


Burbage Edge

A first look at Burbage Edge, the high point in the centre.


Burbage Edge

Burbage Edge seen from the path above Tunnel Farm.


The Tors

The Tors from Burbage Edge's summit.


Combs Moss

Combs Moss from the same spot.


Ramshaw Rocks

Looking across to the Roaches and Ramshaw Rocks.


River Goyt

The River Goyt at the foot of Berry Clough.



Walking through the forest at the start of the ascent to Shining Tor.



Shutlingsloe as we approach Shining Tor.


Shining Tor

The rain started to get worse as we reached Shining Tor's summit trig.


The Tors

Looking back towards Shining Tor from the newly laid path to Cats Tor.


Oldgate Nick & Windgather Rocks

Oldgate Nick in the foreground with Windgather Rocks behind.


A rainbow across the valley as the rain stops and the sun comes out again.


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