Tuesday 2nd October 2007


Today's route was inspired by a route in this months Trail Magazine which visited several of my favourite spots but on a route I had never tried before. This meant I also got to visit two new areas for me; Gratton Dale and a part of Bradford Dale I hadn't walked before. 


Start: Elton (SK 2215 6096)


Route: Elton - Gratton Dale - Long Dale - Gratton Moor - Bradford Dale - Limestone Way - Robin Hood's Stride
            - Limestone Way - Elton


Distance: 9.25 miles     Ascent: 439 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours 40 minutes


Weather: Generally grey with the occasional glimpse of blue sky..


Pub visited: None     Ale Drunk: None

Route Map


Anthony Hill

Anthony Hill as we leave  Elton and head down Gratton Lane.



An old limekiln at the entrance to Gratton Dale.


Gratton Dale

The wooded Gratton Dale.


Gratton Dale

Looking back to Gratton Dale as we enter Long Dale.


Long Dale

Long Dale another dry dale but completely clear of trees.


As we turned off Weaddow Lane I spotted this tree which appears to be growing out of the limestone.


Bradford Dale

The start of Bradford Dale.


The inscription on the bridge across the river.


Bradford Dale

The river Bradford in Bradford Dale.



Looking back to Youlgrave as we head along the Limestone Way.


Robin Hood's Stride

Robin Hood's Stride. As I had company and it was a dry day we decided to explore the top of the rocky outcrop.


Robin Hood's Stride

Looking towards Elton on Robin Hood's Stride.


Robin Hood's Stride

Looking in the opposite direction towards Stanton.


Derwent Valley & the Edges

The view from Robin Hood's Stride. 
The moor in the background is Big Moor at the southern end of the Derwent Valley.


Hermit's Cave

We took a slight diversion and went to look at the Hermit's Cave in Cratcliff Tor. 
This is the cross/crucifix which is carved into the cave wall.


Cratcliff Tor

Cratcliff Tor from the Limestone Way.


Harthill Moor

Looking across to the edge of Harthill Moor as head back towards Elton.


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