Tuesday 6th November 2007


I didn't have enough time for a long walk today but there was no way I wasn't going out when the sky was so blue and the sun was shining so I opted for a shorter walk that takes in part of Wolfscote Dale. Whilst the colours are still those of autumn the tress are rapidly losing their leaves now and there was a cold edge to the breeze, winter isn't far away.


Start: Alsop Station car park (SK 1555 5493)


Route: Alsop Station car park - Shining Tor - Milldale - Wolfscote Dale - Coldeaton Bridge - Tissington Trail
            - Alsop Station car park


Distance: 5.25 miles     Ascent: 269 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours 35 minutes  


Terrain: Easy paths and trails.


Weather: Sunny with a cool breeze.


Pub visited: None         Ale Drunk: None

Route Map


Shining Tor

The walk started with a gentle climb onto the top of Shining Tor which
 gives you some wonderful views across the tops of the dales.


Wolfscote Dale

Looking into Wolfscote Dale with Narrowdale Hill and
 Gratton Hill being the two peaks in the distance.


Wolfscote Dale

The twists and turns of Wolfscote Dale are visible from further along the top of Shining Tor.


Mill Dale

Mill Dale, immediately below Shining Tor.


Ravens Tor

A brief glimpse into Dove Dale. 
The limestone cliff is Ravens Tor.



A steep descent into the charming hamlet of Milldale.


Shining Tor

Shining Tor from Mill Dale.


You enter Wolfscote Dale by the side of this bridge.


Wolfscote Dale

The River Dove.


River Dove

Reflections in the River Dove.


Wolfscote Dale

Autumn colours in Wolfscote Dale ...........


Wolfscote Dale

............. and again.


River Dove

The weirs just before Coldeaton Bridge.


River Dove

From the same spot but this time with a glimpse of Iron Tors above the trees.


Heading up the unnamed dry dale from Coldeaton Bridge.


Johnson's Knoll

Johnson's Knoll from the Tissington Trail.


Tissington Trail

The Tissington Trail, an easy path back to the car.


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