Monday 5th January 2009


On a whim I headed up to Stanton Moor for one of my favorite short walks and only took my camera out of habit. As I was driving towards the moor the trees became whiter, as did my surroundings, and I ended up having a walk on a snowy Stanton Moor, not what I expected when I set out from home.


Start: Cork Stone Entrance lay-by (SK 2419 8281)


Route: Stanton Moor


Distance: 1.75 miles     Ascent: 46 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour


Terrain: Good easy tracks.


Weather: Cold.


Pub visited: None        Ale Drunk: None     

Route Map


Cork Stone Entrance

The snowy entrance to Stanton Moor.


Cork Stone

Approaching the Cork Stone.


Cork Stone

As usual the walk is a last minute decision and yet
 again, the sun is beginning to set as I start the walk.


High Peak

The sun lights up the distance snowy High Peak moors.


One of the many deserted quarries on the edge of the moor.


King Stone

The King Stone sitting above Nine Ladies Stone Circle.


Nine Ladies Stone Circle

Nine Ladies Stone Circle.


Conifers next to the stone circle. I just liked
 the way the snow sat on the branches.


Cowley Knowl

Heading back now with views across to Cowley Knowl.


Stanton Moor

The sun is slipping away behind the trees
 as I head back across Stanton Moor.


It is fading fast.


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