Friday 24th April 2009


The forecast was for blue sky and sunshine in the morning with strong winds and possible rain in the afternoon. I made a reasonably early start in the hope of catching the blue sky but it didn't put in an appearance until I had just about finished the walk. 


Start: Milldale car park (SK 1361 5477)


Route: Milldale car park - Dove Holes - Upper Taylor's Wood - Lover's Leap - Thorpe Cloud - Bunster Hill 
            - Dovedale Wood - Ilam Rock - Milldale car park


Distance: 7.25 miles     Ascent: 707 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours


Terrain: Generally good paths some next to steep drops.


Weather: Warm but with an increasingly strong wind.


Pub visited: None        Ale Drunk: None   

Route Map



Milldale and the River Dove from Viators Bridge.


Viators Bridge

Viators Bridge.


Dove Dale

An early start meant Dove Dale was very quiet,
 which enabled me to get a few shots of these herons.


Dove Dale

Having climbed above the dale I was rewarded
 with this view down into Dove Dale.


Baley Hill

Looking back towards Baley Hill and Shining Tor.


Lover's Leap

By the time I dropped back down into the dale, at Lover's Leap,
 the crowds were already starting to build up.


River Dove

The stepping stones at the foot of Thorpe Cloud.


Bunster Hill

Looking across to Bunster Hill from the climb up Thorpe Cloud.


Thorpe Cloud

Looking back down Thorpe Cloud from the summit.


Bunster Hill

Bunster Hill from Thorpe Cloud.


Thorpe Cloud

Plenty of young lambs as I walked across
 the fields to the foot of Bunster Hill.



Ilam from Bunster Hill.


Bunster Hill

The plan had been to walk across to Bunster Hill's second summit, but the wind
 had started to pick up and I was struggling to stand still, so I gave it a miss.


Tissington Spires

Tissington Spires.


Whenever I walk on this path these always make me smile.


Pickering Tor

Pickering Tor.


Dove Holes

Heading back to the car park and about
 to pass Dove Holes for the second time.


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