Friday 29th May 2009


With a good forecast for the day John decided to take the day off and so we headed north for his first visit to Shutlingsloe and to explore a new approach to Shining Tor. It turned out to be a very hot day and definitely not the day to leave your cap in the car, as I did.


Start: Cat & Fiddle (SK 0011 7189)


Route: Cat & Fiddle - Danethorn Hollow - Shutlingsloe (TP) - Macclesfield Forest - Chapel House
             - Lamaload Reservoir - Andrew's Edge - Shining Tor (CT) - Cat & Fiddle


Distance: 10.5 miles     Ascent: 718 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours 40 mins


Terrain: Good paths.


Weather: Hot with the occasional breeze.


Pub visited: Cat & Fiddle Inn       Ale Drunk: Robinsons' Unicorn   

Route Map


Macclesfield Forest

Looking towards Torgate Hill and Macclesfield Forest. We will cross the
 fields below the forest later on our way to Lamaload Reservoir.


Shining Tor

Shining Tor, the final summit of the day.


Danethorn Hollow

Leaving the main path and heading down into Danethorn Hollow.


Cumberland Brook

Cumberland Brook runs down alongside the path.



Emerging from Danethorn Hollow with Shutlingsloe ahead.


Danethorn Hollow

Looking back to Danethorn Hollow and Whetstone Ridge,
 from the ascent of Shutlingsloe.


The Roaches

The Roaches from Shutlingsloe's summit.


Shutlingsloe's summit trig

Shutlingsloe's summit trig. It was busy up here today,
 a real sign that it's half-term.


Tegg's Nose

Tegg's Nose and Macclesfield Forest from Shutlingsloe.


High Moor

Looking across High Moor to the transmitter on Croker Hill.


Tegg's Nose

A surprise view of Tegg's Nose as we walk through Macclesfield Forest.


Shining Tor

Shining Tor ...........


Whetstone Ridge

............... and Whetstone Ridge from close to Standing Stone car park.


As we leaned over the gate to admire the view in the two photos 
above this lamb kept posing for me, so I had to takes its photo.


Chapel House

The church in the very small hamlet called Chapel House.


Lamaload Reservoir

Heading down towards Lamaload Reservoir.


Broad Moss

Looking across to Broad Moss from the start of the climb to Shining Tor. At least that's what I think
 its called, it's a new area for me and it's not clear from the map, if anyone knows
 it by another name let me know.


Lamaload Reservoir

Looking back down to Lamaload Reservoir from Andrew's Edge.


Shining Tor

Shining Tor comes into view as we reach the top of Andrew's Edge.


Cat's Tor

Looking along The Tors to Cat's Tor.


Shining Tor

The final steep climb of the day to the top of Shining Tor.


A very welcome bench at Shining Tor's summit. We actually passed on stopping
 here and instead opted for a seat and a pint inside the Cat & Fiddle instead.


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