Monday 1st March 2010


Every time I visit one of my clients I drive by Stanton Moor and as today the meeting was going to finish around lunchtime I opted for a lunchtime walk and lunch with a view. 


Start: Cork Stone entrance lay-by (SK 2419 6281)


Route: Stanton Moor (TP)


Distance: 2.25 miles     Ascent: 67 metres     Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes


Terrain: Good paths.


Weather: Warm and sunny.


Pub visited: None      Ale Drunk: None

Route Map


Cork Stone

The Cork Stone as I head onto Stanton Moor.


Cork Stone

The foot holes and rungs on the other side of the Cork Stone.


Farley Moor

Looking across Stanton Moor to Farley Moor on the other side of Darley Dale.


Riber Hill

Looking east towards Riber Hill.


Stanton Moor

Despite having visited Stanton Moor many times I've never spotted the remains of this building before.


Stanton Moor

Looking back to Stanton Moor from one of the many standing stones on the moor.


Edge Path

Looking along the edge path that I would follow to the Reform Tower.


Another of the standing stones that is found close to the edge path.


Reform Tower

Approaching the Reform Tower.


Nine Ladies Stone Circle

Nine Ladies Stone Circle which I sat and admired, with the sun in my face,
 whilst I had my lunch. Beats watching Doctors whilst I eat my lunch.


Stanton Moor trig

I took a somewhat strange route around the moor today in order to visit some 
of my favourite places. It's been a while since I've bothered going over to 
the trig so before I headed back to the car I decided to go and visit it.



Whilst I was stood at the trig chatting to a man walking his dog he spotted the snow
 on the distant hills and edges. Here the dark clouds help it to stand out on Kinder plateau.


Stanton Moor's cairn

When I was approaching the trig I spotted this cairn which looks like it's both new
 and marks the true highest point of Stanton Moor. Naturally I had to go and visit it.


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