Friday 9th April 2010


With the Quiz League Season at an end this walk marked the start of a week off work for me. With a dry and warm day forecast I was hoping for a little more sunshine than I saw, but still it was nice to have my walking boots on again. It is a long time since I have visited Lathkill Dale when it was this busy, but by heading across Haddon Fields to do a bit of trig point bagging I also managed to find some solitude, along with some great views.


Start: Moor Lane car park (SK 1941 6444)


Route: Moor Lane car park - Bradford Dale - Alport - Haddon Fields (TP) - Over Haddon - Lathkill Dale
            - Ricklow Quarry - Cales Dale - Calling Low - Moor Lane car park


Distance: 10.5 miles     Ascent: 486 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours


Terrain: Good paths.


Weather: Warm and overcast.


Pub visited: None      Ale Drunk: None

Route Map


Darley Dale

An almost misty view across Darley Dale, to Beeley Moor, from the start of the walk.


Bradford Dale

Heading down into Bradford Dale and the old ruin is clearly visible at this time of year.


Bradford Dale

It is April isn't it? 
Bradford Dale looking more like it should in winter than in early April.


Bradford Dale

A very familiar scene to me these days. I do some work for Read Interiors,
 which is based in one of the cottages overlooking the river.


Stanton Moor

Heading towards Haddon Fields, with views across to Stanton Moor.


Noton Barn trig

Noton Barn trig point. 
Having recently been described by a fellow OFC member Richard 
as a trig point bagger I thought I'd better live up to my reputation.


Calton Pastures

Looking across Noton Barn in the direction of Calton Pastures.



The view towards Youlgreave from my lunchtime spot.





Over Haddon

Not sure if it's old or new but it made an interesting feature in Over Haddon.


Lathkill Dale

Entering Lathkill Dale.


Lathkill Dale

Another wintry scene.


Lathkill Dale

My favourite spot in Lathkill Dale.


Parson's Crag

Parson's Crag.


Lathkill Dale

Heading towards the head of Lathkill Dale as the sun briefly threatens to come out.


Lathkill Head Cave

Despite visiting Lathkill Dale many times this is the first time I've noticed
 Lathkill Head Cave, the point where the River Lathkill starts. Possibly 
this is because it's rare for there to be any water appearing from it.


Lathkill Dale

Heading through Lathkill Dale towards Ricklow Quarry.


Calling Low

Leaving One Ash Grange Farm with views across Cales Dale to Calling Low.


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