Tuesday 1st February 2011


I had originally planned on doing this walk yesterday but when the fog showed no sign of clearing I didn't bother heading out. Today saw another grey start to the day but by setting off later than usual I was rewarded with blue sky and even a  bit of sunshine. 

A short route that I took at a steady pace as I start to try to regain a decent level of fitness after six months more or less away from the hills and any other form of exercise.


Start: Upper Burbage Bridge (SK 2603 8298) 


Route: Upper Burbage Bridge - Burbage Rocks - Carl Wark - Higger Tor - Fiddler's Elbow - Upper Burbage Bridge


Distance: 3.25 miles     Ascent: 205 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours 37 mins 


Terrain: Good paths with a short scramble onto Higger Tor.


Weather: Grey sky turning blue with a steady breeze.


Pub visited: None      Ale Drunk: None 

Route Map


Burbage Rocks

A bit of blue sky and sunshine as I start out along Burbage Rocks.


Burbage Rocks

A few minutes later it was gone and it seemed as if it was going to be a grey day after all.


Burbage Valley

Dropping off Burbage Rocks I spot this shaft of sunshine crossing the valley floor.


Burbage Rocks

A few minutes later it is all change again and the valley is golden.


Burbage Rocks

Looking back to Burbage Rocks from the valley floor.


Fiddler's Elbow

Fiddler's Elbow just after crossing Burbage Brook.


Higger Tor

Higger Tor, my eventual destination but first I diverted left.


Carl Wark

Looking along the front of Carl Wark, towards Burbage Rocks.


Higger Tor

Higger Tor from Carl Wark.


Carl Wark

The other side of the wall, from the inside of Carl Wark.
 Peeping over the top is a faint Lose Hill.


Carl Wark

Carl Wark from a stop on the short climb to Higger Tor. I couldn't believe how
 much this short climb tired me out. I was amazed at just how how unfit I had
 got in six months, I only hope that getting fit again doesn't take as long.


Higger Tor

Looking along Higger Tor.


Callow Bank

Callow Bank from the edge of Higger Tor.


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