Saturday 12th February 2011


As Saturday was forecast as the best day of the weekend we decided to take Saturday off and head out for a walk. As I'm slowly working my way back to a reasonable level of fitness I wanted a walk that was not only fairly flat but also offered me the opportunity to cut it short if I needed to. Whilst I have visited all of these edges on different walks I have never combined the three of them before. Having now done so I can see this become a walk that I will be doing quite frequently in the future.


Start: Birchen Edge car park (SK 2808 7211) 


Route: Birchen Edge car park - Birchen Edge (TP) - Curbar Gap - Baslow Edge - Baslow - Chatsworth
            - Dobb Edge - Birchen Edge car park


Distance: 7.5 miles     Ascent: 380 metres     Time Taken: 3 hours 55 mins 


Terrain: Good paths and moorland.


Weather: Warm and sunny.


Pub visited: The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Baslow      Ale Drunk: Jennings Cumberland 

Route Map


Longstone Moor

Longstone Moor in the distance as we start to climb onto Birchen Edge.


Longstone Moor

A few minutes later and the view opens out even further.


Birchen Edge

Nelson's Monument and the Three Ships as we head along Birchen Edge.


Three Ships

A closer look at the Three Ships.


Nelson's Monument

Nelson's Monument with Longstone Moor in the background.


Birchen Edge

Baslow Edge from Birchen Edge.



White Edge from the trig on Birchen Edge.


White Edge

Looking towards our next destination, White Edge, as we head
 across the very wet section of moor below Birchen Edge.


Companion Stone

One of the new Companion Stones at Curbar Gap.



One of the old guide stoop that inspired the companion stones project.
Birchen Edge in the distance.


Curbar Edge

The sun lights up Curbar Edge as we start out along Baslow Edge.


Baslow Edge

Win Hill is just about visible in the distance as we walk along Baslow Edge.


Baslow Edge

Curbar Edge from the far end of Baslow Edge.


Gardom's Edge

Gardom's and Birchen Edge as we reach the end of Baslow Edge.


Baslow Edge

Baslow Edge from Chatsworth. One of my favourite moments when
 I'm driving this way is the first view of the edges from Chatsworth.


Calton Pastures

Looking towards Calton Pastures as we make our way 
towards the woods in Chatsworth.


Longstone Edge

Longstone Edge from Chatsworth.


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