Friday 10th June 2011


We timed our arrival well, arriving at St. Martin's Church just as the heavens opened with a rather prolonged and heavy downpour that had us sitting in the car watching the rain for over an hour. The reward for our patience was a pleasant afternoon walk that took in three tops and ended with a delightful stroll in the sun down Fusedale.


Start: St Peter's Church (NY 4357 1921) 


Route: St Peter's Church - Pikeawassa (312) - Brownthwaite Crag (313) - Gowk Hill (314) - Fusedale - St Peter's Church


Distance: 5 miles     Ascent: 451 metres     Time Taken: 3 hours 40 minutes


Terrain: Generally good paths


Weather: Warm with one short wet spell.


Pub visited: The Sun Inn, Pooley Bridge      Ale Drunk: Jennings Cumberland

Route Map


Hallin Fell

Looking across St Peter's Church to Hallin Fell. After sitting for an hour in the 
car we abandoned planes to climb it before the rest of the walk.


Beda Head

Beda Head as we walk along the side of Steel Knotts.



As we crossed the wall and headed for Pikeawassa the rain
 started again so it was waterproofs on.


Pikeawassa summit

A wet summit.


Steel Knotts

Any thoughts of walking out and back along the ridge were abandoned in the rain.


Brownthwaite Crag

It looks like the rain might be about to stop as we start the descent
 of Pikeawassa and head for Brownthwaite Crag.



No chance of getting lost, just follow the wall.



Looking into Bannerdale as the sun threatens to come out.


Brownthwaite Crag

Waterproofs off before we start the short ascent of Brownthwaite Crag.


Brownthwaite Crag's summit

Looking towards Wether Hill from the somewhat unremarkable summit of Brownthwaite Crag.





Gowk Hill

Heading for Gowk Hill.


Gowk Hill's summit

Trying to work out which stone actually counted as the summit was interesting,
 neither the GPS or BB's description made it clear. Never mind, we visited about
 three spots so one of them must have been the right one.


Brownthwaite Crag

Heading back down Gowk Hill and the view is certainly improving.



Looking down into Fusedale.



A final look at Pikeawassa as we head into Fusedale.


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