Saturday 1st October 2011


We hadn't planned on doing this walk today but as we couldn't park at the start of our intended walk it was a case of quickly making a plan B. After dismissing one or two other routes we decided to head for Mungrisdale feeling fairly confident that we would be able to both park the car and have time to fit the walk in as it would be midday before we could expect to be setting off.


Start: Mungrisdale (NY 3646 3004) 


Route: Mungrisdale - East Top of Bowscale Fell (334) - Bowscale Fell (335) - The Tongue (336)
            - Bannerdale Crags (337) - Glendermackin Valley - Mungrisdale


Distance: 9.25 miles     Ascent: 727 metres     Time Taken: 5 hours 45 minutes


Terrain: A mixture of clear paths and pathless heather.


Weather: Warm and sunny at the start but increasingly grey.


Pub visited: The Mill House, Mungrisdale      Ale Drunk: Hartley's XB

Route Map


The Tongue

The Tongue as we start the ascent of Bowscale Fell.


Souther Fell

Souther Fell from higher up.


Glendermackin Valley

The Glendermackin Valley, which would be our return route.


Great Mell

The steep part of the ascent over we look back towards Great Mell.


Carrock Fell

Our first view of Carrock Fell as we think we are nearing the summit.
 Not having planned on doing this walk we didn't release quite how
long Bowscale Fell was or how far away the first summit was.


High Pike

High Pike is illuminated by the sun.



Heading along Bowscale Fell towards its east top and the first summit of the day.


East Top of Bowscale Fell

The cairn on what Birkett calls the East Top of Bowscale Fell.


East Top of Bowscale Fell

It still seems a long way to Bowscale Fell's summit.



Looking across to the Knott. It was only a few weeks ago that I was sat there looking
 at Bannerdale Crags and I certainly didn't expect to be looking back at it so soon.


Bowscale Fell's summit

Bowscale Fell's summit cairn.


Bannerdale Crags

Decision time, are we just carrying on to Bannerdale Crags or going to the Tongue?


The Tongue

We opted for the out and back to the Tongue and if there
 was a path we only found it as we got near to the summit.


The Tongue's summit

Looking back to Bowscale Fell from the Tongue's summit.


Sharp Edge

On route to Bannerdale Crags I make a slight diversion to get a shot of Sharp Edge.


Bannerdale Crags' summit

Bannerdale Crags' summit.


Glendermackin Valley

Walking back through the Glendermackin Valley I wonder
 what the view will be like the next time I'm here.


The Tongue

A final look at the Tongue before we head for the pub and a welcome pint.


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