Monday 26th March 2012


As the fact it was ten years since our first holiday together had been used as the excuse for taking this trip it was only right that we also revisited the first few Lake District tops we ever did together during that holiday. Although the route wasn't the same as our first Lake District walk together the first four fell tops visited were the first we ever did together, the one major difference being we could at least on this trip see where we were walking and the views around us. One other difference was that now, ten years later, we had also walked on, or at least could name, most of the summits we saw during the day. 


One anniversary we weren't planning on repeating was the fact that today was also exactly ten years to the day since I broke my leg whilst coming down from Helvellyn.


Start: Red Lion Hotel, Grasmere (NY 3364 0757) 


Route: Red Lion Hotel, Grasmere - Silver How - Lang How - Swinescar Pike - Castle How - Blea Rigg - Sergeant Man
            - High Raise - Low White Stones - Far Easedale - Red Lion Hotel, Grasmere


Distance: 11.25 miles     Ascent: 883 metres     Time Taken: 8 hours 30 minutes


Terrain: Generally on clear paths.


Weather: Hot and sunny.


Pub visited: Lamb Inn, Grasmere      Ale Drunk: Hawkshead Bitter

Route Map


Silver How

Setting out from Grasmere and the view across to Silver How, which was pretty much
 the same view as we had from one of our hotel room's windows.


Helm Crag

Following the track to Silver How and Helm Crag is visible across the valley.


Silver How's summit

Silver How, the first summit of the day is reached. In the distance Sergeant Man,
 one of the final three summits of the day, is visible on the horizon.



From Silver How's summit the place where I broke my leg
 is visible. Not a bad view across to Fairfield either.


Grasmere & Rydal Water

Grasmere and Rydal Water look very inviting.



As we walked along the ridge to Sergeant Man the
 Langdales and Bowfell were constantly in view.


Blea Rigg

Lunch was taken on Castle How's summit and then we headed for Blea Rigg. We believed that Blea Rigg
 was the final summit we did on our first walk together but whilst on route to it neither of us could recall
 a short rocky section we encountered. Either way we have definitely visited its summit now.


Easedale Tarn

On route to Blea Rigg we get our first view of Easedale Tarn,
 which could have been on our return route.



From Sergeant Man's summit we get a view back down the ridge we have just walked along.
 In the distance the views are starting to get a little hazy now.


High Raise

Whilst at Sergeant Man we decided to take the longest of the three routes we had planned for
 the day and headed for High Raise. The last time we were here the only view was of cloud
 and sleet so it was nice to enjoy the views this time of ............



............ Blencathra ...........



and Skiddaw, amongst others.


Low White Stones

Heading for Low White Stones and still enjoying much better views than when we were last here.


As we cut across towards Greenup Edge this lone deer came into view.



Ullscarf across Greenup Edge as we start to drop off Birks.


Middle How

At the top of Far Easedale another decision, are we going down
 the valley or along the ridge like the gentleman in shot.


Far Easedale

Tired legs meant we opted for the easier route and headed down into Far Easdale.


Calf Crag

Looking up at Calf Crag as we make a final stop to enjoy the last of the sunshine.


Helm Crag

As we headed down Far Easedale we soon found ourselves walking
 in the shade but ahead of us Helm Crag was still bathed in sunshine.


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