Wednesday 16th May 2012


I'm trying to get ahead of myself with the magazine write ups at the moment so today's route was another one picked as suitable for the magazines I write for. My timing was a little off today though, as when I reached the summits of the only two hills on the walk the sun disappeared.


Start: Earl Sterndale (SK 0902 6704) 


Route: Earl Sterndale - High Wheeldon (TP) - Glutton Bridge - Chrome Hill - Dowel Dale - Earl Sterndale


Distance: 6.5 miles     Ascent: 397 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours 5 minutes


Terrain: Good paths and quiet lanes.


Weather: Sunny but with a cold edge to the wind.


Pub visited: None      Ale Drunk: None

Route Map


Aldery Cliff

The weather looks promising as I take the higher road out of
 Earl Sterndale in order to shorten the climb to High Wheeldon.


High Wheeldon's trig

It didn't last long. As I reached the summit of High Wheeldon it
 started raining, with some hail thrown in briefly as well.


Parkhouse & Chrome Hills

I had hoped for a sunny shot across to Parkhouse and Chrome Hills but it 
wasn't to be. I debated hanging around for a bit but there was no sign of 
any sun coming soon and the wind was bitterly cold.


High Wheeldon

What did I know, 15 minutes later and it could be a
 different day as I look back to High Wheeldon.


Parkhouse Hill

Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill seen from close to Glutton Bridge.


Chrome Hill

Heading for Chrome Hill and it's starting to look a bit grey again.



Sugarloaf at the foot of Parkhouse Hill.


Parkhouse Hill

Looking back down Chrome Hill as I head up. Below a woman is having a photography
 lesson and they are patiently waiting with cameras on tripods for the sun to arrive.


Top o th' Edge

Looking across to Top o th' Edge as I continue uphill.


Upper Dove Valley

Reaching the summit and as I look back along the
 Upper Dove Valley the sun has disappeared again.


Oliver Hill

In the distance Oliver Hill and Turn Edge look a little brighter.


Hollins Hill

If I hadn't of been writing up a walk Hollins Hill would have been on today's route
 as I plan on doing it this summer, now I know where the access points are.


Chrome Hill

It looks like the view is about to improve as I look across to Axe Edge.


On the way down and a view of stone walls through the arched window.


Chrome Hill

It's easy to see why Chrome Hill is also known as the Dragon's Back from this shot.


Dowel Dale

Dowel Dale. despite it officially being a road I don't ever recall
 a car passing me whilst I've been on  it.


Parkhouse Hill

Parkhouse Hill always looks more dramatic when seen from just above Dowel Dale.


Hind Low

Hind Low is another summit that I plan on visiting for the first time this summer.


Just because I like it, although thankfully women's rights have improved
 somewhat since the day when the villagers allegedly approved of the landlord
 chopping his wife's head off because she nagged him too much.


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