Saturday 8th September 2012


A relatively easy, but long walk which would see us finish the Back O'Skiddaw fells. 


Start: Apronful of Stones (NY 3538 3377) 


Route: Apronful of Stones - Carrock Fell (359) - Round Knott (360) - Miton Hill (361) - High Pike (362)
            - Hare Stones (363) - Great Lingy Hill (364) - Little Lingy Hill (365) - Coomb Height (366)
            - Mosedale - Apronful of Stones


Distance: 9.25 miles     Ascent: 683 metres     Time Taken: 6 hours 55 minutes


Terrain: Generally clear tracks.


Weather: Generally warm and sunny.


Pub visited: The Mill Inn, Mungrisdale      Ale Drunk: Hartley's Cumbrian XB

Route Map


Carrock Fell

Carrock Fell from where we parked the car at Apronful of Stones.


Great Mell

The clouds seem to be gathering over Great Mell.


Carrock Fell

The summit of Carrock Fell comes into sight.


Carrock Fell's summit cairn

Carrock Fell's summit cairn


Caldew Valley

Looking along the Caldew Valley from the summit.


Carrock Fell

Looking back along the rock strewn summit of Carrock Fell towards the distant Pennines.


Knott & High Pike

Knott and High Pike seem a long way from here.


Round Knott's summit

Round Knott's summit  cairn.


Bowscale Tarn

From here we getting a tantalising glimpse of Bowscale Tarn.


Miton Hill's summit

Looking towards Knott form Miton Hill's summit cairn


High Pike

High Pike seen over Dry Gill.


Dry Gill

Carrock Fell now seems to be long way, although we have probably 
only taken 30 minutes or so to get here.


High Pike

The seat on High Pike was free so we took advantage of it and had our lunch.


High Pike

You really do feel like you are on the edge of the Lake District.


Hare Stones' summit

The next summit of Hare Stones was just a short distance from the Cumbria Way.



From Hare Stones we left the clear track and cut across the moorland in order to reach Great Lingy Hill.


Great Lingy Hill

Looking towards Bowscale Fell from Great Lingy Hill's summit.


Little Lingy Hill

From Little Lingy Hill's summit Brae Fell is visible across Roughton Gill.


Coomb Height

The final summit of the day is Coomb Height. Although given that the car is parked the other 
side of Carrock Fell we clearly still have a lot of walking to do.


Graingill Beck

If like me you aren't very tall descending down the nose of Coomb Height at the end of the summer might
 not be a good idea. For much of the final section the ferns, visible on the left, were above my head. We had
 a well earned rest by Graingill Beck before we started the long trek down Mosedale and back along the road to the car.


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