Friday 15th February 2013


As the sun had been shining all morning I decided to take the afternoon off and headed to Stanton Moor with my lunch. After a lazy lunch sat on the rocks in the sun I took my time and explored the eastern edge of Stanton Moor before heading to the trig point.


Start: Cork Stone entrance lay-by (SK 2419 6276) 


Route: Stanton Moor (TP)


Distance: 2 miles     Ascent: 72 metres     Time Taken: 2 hours 30 minutes


Terrain: Clear tracks.


Weather: Overcast.


Pub visited: None      Ale Drunk: None

Route Map


Cork Stone

As ever the first landmark I pass is the Cork Stone.


Farley Moor

I head across the moor for a lunch spot looking across the valley to Farley Moor.


Stanton Moor

Lunch was taken close to here.


Cat Stone

The Cat Stone.


The inscription on the stone.


Cat Stone

Viewed from the other side it is possible to climb the Cat Stone.


The inspiration for my trip was to find these carvings, which I'd been reading about the night before.


As I was by myself and it was damp I didn't want to get too close to them. Something to do after a dry spell.


Close to the Nine Ladies stone circle this poem hoping for a good New Year was hanging in the tree.


Nine Ladies

The Nine Ladies stone circle.


Stanton Moor

Heading across the moor with views across the valley.


Stanton Moor

Looking towards Cowley Knowl.


Stanton Moor's Trig.


Stanton Moor

Looking back along the path I had followed to the trig.


I love the shape of this tree, which is found close to the Cork Stone.


Andle Stone

Zooming in on the Andle Stone, which I didn't visit today.


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