Sunday 8th December 2013


After months of being banned from almost every form of decent I was finally given the all clear to go out walking from the physio, with instructions to build the mileage up slowly. We opted for what I considered a short walk with as little descent as possible. The weather did its best to be as uninteresting as possible and the views are lost in the gloom, but it felt great to have my walking boots on again.


Start: Friden car park (SK 1734 6081) 


Route: Friden car park - Kenslow Wood - Gratton Moor - Long Dale - Friden car park


Distance: 5.5 miles     Ascent: 195 metres     Time Taken: 4 hours


Terrain: Good paths and fields


Weather: Grey and dank.


Pub visited: George & Dragon, Belper     Ale Drunk: Bateman's XXXB

Route Map


Stanton Moor

As we leave the road and head across the fields Stanton Moor appears in the distance.


Kenslow Wood

I was disappointed to see the old fashioned milk churns had disappeared from the start of this lane into Kenslow Woods.


Kenslow Wood

An attempt to get a shot of the wall disappearing into the distance failed on account
 of my knees not being up to all the squatting down and because of the slight curve in the wall.



Heading down hill now with views across Youlgreave towards Lee Moor Woods.


Long Dale

It was grey and blustery as we headed across Gratton Moor, so we delayed lunch until
 we had dropped down into the more sheltered Long Dale.


Boulderstone Plantation

Heading into Boulderstone Plantation.


I've never spotted this track before.



I was hunting for the Balderstone, one of the Sites of Meaning put up as part 
of Middleton's Millennium Project.


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