Birchen Edge


Grid Reference: SK 27824 73093

Flush Bracket Number: S2154

Type: Pillar

Built: 10th July 1938

Historic Use: Secondary

Current Use: None


Birchen Edge's trig point with White Edge in the distance.

Looking towards Jack Flat and Curbar Edge.


Birchen Edge's Flush Bracket.

Looking west from Birchen Edge with
Longstone Moor in the distance.


Saturday 12th February 2011

Birchen Edge car park - Birchen Edge (TP) - Curbar Gap - Baslow Edge - Baslow - Chatsworth - Dobb Edge - Birchen Edge car park

Thursday 9th October 2008

Birchen Edge car park - Birchen Edge (TP) - Jack Flat - Bar Road - Baslow - Chatsworth - Birchen Edge car park

Tuesday 10th April 2007

Hell Bank Plantation - Gibbet Moor - Birchen Edge (TP) - Jack Flat - Baslow - Chatsworth Estate - Rabbit Warren - Hell Bank Plantation


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