Burbage Edge


Grid Reference: SK 02960 73247

Flush Bracket Number: S4232

Type: Pillar

Built: 1st September 1947

Historic Use: Secondary

Current Use: None


Burbage Edge's trig point with The Tors in the background.

Burbage Edge's Flush Bracket.


Saturday 10th October 2009

Derbyshire Bridge car park - Burbage Edge (TP) - Wildmoorstone Brook - Bunsal Cob - Errwood Reservoir - Errwood Hall - Pym Chair - Cats Tor - Shining Tor (CT) - Goyt's Clough - Derbyshire Bridge car park

Sunday 22nd April 2007

The Street car park - Wildmoorstone Brook - Burbage Edge (TP) - Berry Clough - Shining Tor (CT) - Pym Chair - Foxlow Edge - The Street car park


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