High Wheeldon


Grid Reference: SK 10037 66111

Flush Bracket Number: S4154

Type: Pillar

Built: 1st July 1947

Historic Use: Secondary

Current Use: None


High Wheeldon's trig point, looking toward's
Top o'th' Edge

Plaque found on High Wheeldon's trig.


High Wheeldon's Flush Bracket.

Looking towards Axe Edge and Chrome Hill
from High Wheeldon's summit.


Wednesday 16th May 2012

Earl Sterndale - High Wheeldon (TP) - Glutton Bridge - Chrome Hill - Dowel Dale - Earl Sterndale

Tuesday 6th May 2008

Longnor - Green Lane - High Wheeldon (TP) - Earl Sterndale - Dowel Dale - High Edge - Chrome Hill - Longnor


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