Stanage Edge


Grid Reference: SK 25094 83017

Flush Bracket Number: S2156

Type: Pillar

Built: 16th July 1938

Historic Use: Secondary

Current Use: None


Stanage Edge's trig on the approach to Cowper Stone.

Stanage Edge's trig point stands clear of the heather.


Stanage Edge's trig point.

Stanage Edge's Flush Bracket.


Friday 20th March 2009

Hollin Bank car park - Stanage Edge - Stanedge Pole - White Stones - Ox Stones (TP) - Houndkirk Road - Burbage Rocks - Cowper Stones (TP) - Stanage Edge - Stanage Plantation - Hollin Bank car park

Monday 3rd September 2007

Upper Burbage Bridge - Burbage Rocks - Houndkirk Road - Ox Stones (TP) - White Stones - Stanedge Pole - Cowper Stone (TP) - Upper Burbage Bridge

Wednesday 11th January 2006

Hathersage - Higger Tor - Upper Burbage Bridge - Cowper Stone (TP) - White Path Moss - Hathersage


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