Moor Plantations

Grid Reference: SK 24496 62905

Flush Bracket Number: S4151

Type: Pillar

Built: 1st July 1947

Historic Use: Secondary

Current Use: None







Moor Plantations' trig point.

Moor Plantations' Flush Bracket.

Approaching the trig point across Stanton Moor,
as it is known locally, from the Cork Stone.

Thursday 12th June 2014

Stanton Moor (TP)

Friday 15th February 2013

Stanton Moor (TP)

Monday 1st March 2010

Stanton Moor (TP)

Wednesday 6th June 2007

Stanton Moor (TP)

Thursday 4th January 2007

Elton - Robin Hood's Stride - Birchover - Andle Stone - Stanton Moor (TP) - Birchover - Elton


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