Kinder Downfall - Peak District Walk

Sunday 22nd January 2006

Today's destination was chosen with my son in mind as he had decided to join me and has always enjoyed going to Kinder Scout. Having driven for over an hour through thick fog it was with great delight that we discovered clear blue skies at Hayfield. The first half of the walk was walked in near spring-like conditions but once we had left Kinder Downfall the fog started to come across Kinder Low from the direction of Edale resulting in no views towards Jacob's Ladder. Fortunately we seemed to be on the edge of the fog and once we were heading back towards Hayfield the views returned.

Start: Bowden Bridge car park in Hayfield (SK 0487 8697)

Route: Hayfield - Kinder Reservoir - William Clough - Kinder Downfall - Kinder Low (TP) - Oaken Clough - Coldwell Clough - Hayfield

Distance: 8.75 miles     Ascent: 669 metres      Time Taken: 5 hrs

Weather: Sunny and clear at the start but thick fog on top later.

Pub Visited: The Wye Bridge House, Buxton    Ale Drunk: Bath Ales Festivity

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Mass trespass plaque

The plaque which commemorates the Mass Trespass of 1932 at Bowden Bridge car park.

Kinder Plateau

As we walked towards Kinder Reservoir Kinder Plateau came into view.

Kinder Plateau

Having cleared Nab Brow a different view of Kinder Plateau. The path to the right is a route I have taken
onto Kinder on previous occasions but today's route was to the left of this picture.


The stream that accompanied us up William Clough.

William Clough

Looking back towards Kinder Reservoir from the top of William Clough.

Onto Kinder Plateau

The final ascent onto Kinder Plateau as we join the Pennine Way.

Across Moss Castle

From the Kinder Plateau - the ridge in front is the route of the Pennine Way, behind that is Bleaklow.

Sandy Heys

Sandy Heys on the approach to Kinder Downfall.

Kinder Reservoir

From the top of Kinder Downfall White Brow is clearly visible behind Kinder Reservoir.

Kinder Downfall

Kinder Downfall, not quite in full flow.

Kinder Downfall

Kinder Downfall up close.

Nab Brow & William Clough

Looking from Kinder Plateau - Nab Brow juts out into the reservoir with William Clough to the right of it.

Kinder Low trig point

As we walked into the fog we reached the trig point on Kinder Low and Robert poses in typical teenage fashion.

Brown Knoll

The fog is coming up Jacob's Ladder and obscuring the view towards Brown Knoll.

Edale Cross

The medieval Edale Cross which we passed on the way back down to Hayfield.

Mount Famine

Mount Famine from Coldwell Clough.


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