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Wednesday 22nd March 2006

As the forecast for clear skies proved to be correct I took advantage of the fact it was mid-week and headed up to King's Tree at the top of the Derwent valley (the road to it is closed on weekends and bank holidays). The weather was pleasantly warm so for the first time this year my hat and fleece weren't used. The moors still had snow and ice that needed avoiding as much as possible although, as I did twice, it was still possible to find yourself pulling a leg out of wet sticky peat. With the exception of a group walking well ahead of me on Howden Edge I met no walkers and I came down Margery Hill with the falling sun setting the hills aglow with no-one around - sheer bliss.

Start: King's Tree car park Howden reservoir (SK 1671 9382)

Route: King's Tree - Slippery Stones - Featherbed Moss - Hoar Stones (CT) - Howden Edge - Margery Hill (CT) - Slippery Stones - King's Tree

Distance: 11 miles     Ascent: 498 metres      Time Taken: 6 hrs 10 mins

Weather: Blue skies, pleasantly warm in the valley a cool edge to the breeze on the top.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Howden Reservoir

Howden Reservoir from King's Tree.

Slippery Stones

The bridge at Slippery Stones.

From Slippery Stones

From Slippery Stones my route along the valley is clear.

Stepping Stones

The stepping stones across Stainery Clough, the last time I was here they were under water.

Coldwell Clough

Looking up Coldwell Clough.

Howden Edge

From Hoar Clough Head, looking across Featherbed Moss to Margery Hill.

Holme Moss

Holme Moss mast to the right of Black Hill, from Hoar Clough Head.

Hoar Stones

Hoar Stones, the highest point of the Unitary Authority of Barnsley.

Stainery Clough Head

Looking across the moor towards Stainery Clough Head from Outer Edge.

Margery Hill

Margery Hill trig, one of the disputed highest points in the old Metropolitan County of South Yorkshire.

Howden Edge

Looking along the stretch of Howden Edge I wasn't doing today from Margery Hill.

Howden Edge

Howden Edge from the descent of Margery Hill.

Long Edge

Long Edge is lit up by the falling sun as I reach King's Tree and the car.


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