Win Hill - Peak District Walk

Thursday 25th May 2006

It was surprisingly warm today and I certainly picked the right day to do this walk as the views were magnificent, if at times hazy. The walk starts with a very steep climb along a narrow path through a wood with very few views but once you are on the top all the effort is quickly forgotten. For most of the walk I had the Mam Tor ridge to my left, Derwent Edge to my right and the Kinder Plateau ahead of me, so there were constantly new views to admire, which means that there are more photos than normal today.

Start: Lay by on A6013 near to the Yorkshire Bridge pub (SK 201 853)

Route: Lay by Yorkshire Bridge - Win Hill (TP) - Hope Brink - Hope Cross - Ladybower Reservoir - Lay by Yorkshire Bridge

Distance: 7.75 miles     Ascent: 495 metres      Time Taken: 4 hrs 10 mins

Weather: Warm, blue sky with high cloud.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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From Yorkshire Bridge

The river Derwent from Yorkshire Bridge.

Win Hill summit

The final climb to the summit of Win Hill looks easy after the steep climb through the woods below.

Win Hill trig

Win Hill's trig point.

Mam Tor ridge

Mam Tor ridge and Rushup Edge from the summit of Win Hill.

Derwent Edge

Ladybower Reservoir and Derwent Edge from the summit of Win Hill.

Win Hill

Looking back at Win Hill.


The village of Castleton with Winnats Pass (right) and Cave Dale (left) visible behind it.

Crook Hill

From Hope Brink, Crook Hill with Derwent and Howden Edges behind.

A local resident appeared just as I had my camera handy.

Grindsbrook Clough

Grindsbrook Knoll is to the left with the top of Grindsbrook Clough, showing up as a white triangle, to its right.

Vale of Edale

Vale of Edale.

Mam Tor ridge

The Mam Tor ridge from the other side.

Jaggers Clough

Jaggers Clough and the Kinder Plateau.

Hope Cross

Hope Cross. Each side of the cross informs where you are heading towards, Glossop, Edale, Hope or Sheffield.

Hope Brink

My route from Win Hill followed the ridge and then the line of the trees

Derwent Edge

Derwent Edge with several rocky outcrops clearly visible. Left to right: White Tor, Wheel Stones and Whinstone Lee Tor.

Crook Hill

Crook Hill across Ladybower Reservoir.

Ladybower Reservoir

Ladybower Reservoir.

Bamford Edge

Bamford Edge, across Ladybower Reservoir.

As I approached the dam wall I could hear what sounded like a waterfall, not a place to fall in!


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