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Friday 30th June 2006

A walk in one of my favourite areas, Bleaklow, to celebrate my birthday. Access to the start of the walk by car is restricted at weekends so the route was planned to take advantage of the fact it was a Friday. Walking on this side of Bleaklow is relatively easy because the peat bogs aren't as extensive as they are on other parts of the moor and the restricted access can also make it very quiet, today we only saw one other person. The high cloud and breeze made for ideal walking conditions although the distant views of Derwent Edge, Howden Edge and Kinder Scout were very hazy.

Start: Ditch Clough Plantation (SK 155 927)

Route: Ditch Clough Plantation - Round Hill - Barrow Stones - Grinah Stones - Bleaklow Stones - West End Moor (TP) - Alport Castles - Ditch Clough Plantation

Distance: 10 miles     Ascent: 495 metres      Time Taken: 5 hrs 45 mins

Weather: Hot with high cloud and a welcome breeze.

Pub Visited: The Yorkshire Bridge Inn near Bamford    Ale Drunk: Fullers London Pride

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Howden Reservoir

Howden Reservoir at the start of the walk.

Westend river

The walk starts by following the Westend river through Fagney Plantation.

Ridge Upper Moor

Ridge Upper Moor from the Fagney Plantation.

Westend valley

Looking back down the valley, the path we took is visible on the left.

An un-named and un-marked tarn, at the top of the climb out of the valley.

Barrow Stones & Round Hill

(L-R) Barrow Stones and Round Hill from the un-named tarn.

Barrow Stones

Barrow Stones with Howden Edge behind.

Grinah Grain

Grinah Grain, from the path between Barrow Stones and Grinah Stones. Win Hill is the round summit
in the background, with the Kinder Plateau to its right.

Grinah Stones

Grinah Stones from our lunch spot overlooking Ridgewalk Moor.

Grinah Stones

Looking back at Grinah Stones from the path to Bleaklow Stones.

Bleaklow Stones

Bleaklow Stones, where we met the only other person we saw all day..........

Holme Moss Mast

........he is sat just out of shot enjoying his lunch with a view of Black Hill and the Holme Moss Mast.

The Ridge

The Ridge (the one in the front), both its name and the route we were to follow across the moor.

Westend Moor trig

The trig point, on Westend Moor, which you aim for when crossing the moor from The Ridge.

Fairbrook Naze

Looking across Alport Dale to Fairbrook Naze, on the Kinder Plateau, from the trig point.

Alport Dale

The steep sided Alport Dale from Alport Castles.

The Tower

The Tower.

Alport Castles

Alport Castles, one of the largest landslips in the country.

Howden Edge

Howden Reservoir comes back into view, with Howden Edge behind it.

Ditch Clough Plantation

The final part of the walk took us back into the shade of Ditch Clough Plantation.


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