Green Crag - Lake District Walk

Saturday 15th July 2006

Today we were joined by 4 members (and their dogs) of the Online Fellwalking Club for a walk to Green Crag and possibly Harter Fell. The skies were clear blue and it was very hot so upon reaching the top of Green Crag we decided to leave Harter Fell for another day.

Start: Hollins Farm Campsite (NY 1788 0109)

Route: Hollins Farm Campsite - Gill Force (Waterfall) - Kepple Crag (103) - Great Whinscale (104) - Crook Crag (105) - Green Crag (106) - Low Birker Tarn - Hollins Farm Campsite

Distance: 7.5 miles     Ascent: 597 metres      Time Taken: 6 hrs

Weather: Hot.

Pub Visited: The Brook House Inn, Boot    Ale Drunk: Copper Dragon (Skipton Brewery), Golden Pippin

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A wildlife haven as we walk alongside the river Esk.

Scafell & Slight Side

A break in the trees gives this view of Scafell & Slight Side.

Hardknotts Pass

Further along the top of Hardknotts Pass comes into view.

Kepple Crag summit

A busy Kepple Crag summit.

Kepple Crag

Looking back at Kepple Crag on the way to Great Whinscale.

Great Whinscale summit & Harry

Harry on top of Great Whinscale's summit cairn.

Devoke Water

Devoke Water from Great Whinscale.

Crook Crag

The next summit, Crook Crag.

Crook Crag summit

Harry and Roger occupy Crook Crag's summit cairn.

Brown Pike & Walna Scar Road

The Walna Scar Road with to either side of it Brown Pike (L), Walna Scar & White Pike (R).

Green Crag summit

Green Crag's summit cairn with Caw behind.

The OFC members Jo, John, Ann & Roger on Green Crag's summit with Harter Fell behind.

Crook Crag & Dow Crag

From Green Crag summit, The Pike (L), Crook Crag (behind) & Dow Crag (R).

Seathwaite Tarn

Seathwaite Tarn.


L - R: Scafell & Slight Side, Scafell Pike, Ill Crag, Esk Pike, Bowfell and the Crinkle Crags.

Yewbarrow & Pillar

Looking across Eskdale Moor, the closest tarn is Eel Tarn with Burnmoor Tarn further back. Behind Burnmoor Tarn
are the slopes of Yewbarrow, with Red Pike behind it and Pillar to Yewbarrow's right.

Whin Rigg & Illgill Head

Looking down at Low Birker Tarn with Whin Rigg (L) and Illgill Head (R) behind.

Isle of Man

Devoke Water but across the haze the mountains of the Isle of Man are visible.

Green Crag

Green Crag.

River Esk

The bridge across the Esk which used to be an old railway bridge.

St Catherine's Church

St Catherine's Church in Boot.


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