Ill Bell - Lake District Walk

Saturday 23rd September 2006

Despite the early morning cloud hugging the tops when we woke up we actually had great weather for walking today, although it was a little too hazy for great long distance shots. After an initial steep climb up to the Garburn Road it was relatively straightforward and easy walking along the ridge with Thornthwaite Beacon always ahead of us. The climb up to Troutbeck Tongue was not quite so easy due to the long grass and lack of path until we were near the summit, making what appeared to be an easy ascent a lot harder than it looked.

Start: Limefitt Park (NY 4168 0315)

Route: Limefitt Park - Garburn Road - Yoke (110) - Ill Bell (111) - Froswick (112) - Troutbeck Tongue (113) - Ing Lane - Limefitt Park

Distance: 9 miles     Ascent: 897 metres      Time Taken: 6 hrs

Weather: Warm, with a slight breeze.

Pub Visited: The Queens Head, Troutbeck    Ale Drunk: Jennings Cumberland & Red Bull Terrier, Barngates Brewery

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Looking towards Yoke from the Garburn Road.

Yoke's summit cairn

Yoke's summit cairn.

The route to Ill Bell

The route to Ill Bell from Yoke's summit.

Kentmere reservoir

The Kentmere Reservoir from the path to Ill Bell.

Ill Bell's three summit cairns

Ill Bell's three summit cairns.


A hazy Windermere from Ill Bell.

Kentmere valley

The Kentmere valley from Ill Bell.

Froswick & Kentmere Common

Froswick is the first peak on the left with Thornthwaite Crag behind it, centre is High Street
with Mardale Ill Bell on the right.

Froswick summit

Froswick's summit cairn with Brothers Water & Thornthwaite Beacon behind it. We were very tempted to continue
along the ridge to the beacon but after great debate decided it would have to wait for another day.

Troutbeck Tongue

Looking down onto the top of Troutbeck Tongue.

Threshthwaite Mouth

Threshthwaite Mouth with Stony Cove Pike (L) and Thornthwaite Crag (R) from Troutbeck Tongue.

Troutbeck Tongue summit

Troutbeck Tongue's summit cairn.

Sour Howes and Sallows

Looking towards Sallows and Sour Howes from Troutbeck Tongue.

Stony Cove Pike

Stony Cove Pike from Troutbeck Tongue.

Ill Bell ridge

The Ill Bell ridge with, from front to back, Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick and Thornthwaite Crag.

Troutbeck Tongue

Troutbeck Tongue (centre) from Ing Lane.


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