Wolfscote Dale - Peak District Walk

Thursday 15th February 2007

The weather remained grey and overcast for most of the day, except for a short period when I was on the Tissington Trail. I had planned on doing this walk on Monday but opted to delay it because of the snow and rain at the end of the previous week, it would appear that I made the correct decision. The route from Hartington to Beresford Dale was somewhat muddy and the field that links Beresford Dale with Wolfscote Dale had signs of having been recently flooded. Once these areas were negotiated it was a relatively easy walk along solid paths.

Start: Hartington Station car park (SK 1492 6099)

Route: Hartington Station - Heathcote - Hartington - Beresford Dale - Wolfscote Dale - Alsop Station - Tissington Trail - Hartington Station

Distance: 11 miles     Ascent: 455 metres      Time Taken: 4 hrs 20 mins

Weather: Grey & overcast for most of the day, with a cool breeze.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Wetton Hill

Wetton Hill from the descent into Beresford Dale.

Beresford Dale

Beresford Dale.

Wolfscote Dale

The head of Wolfscote Dale.

Drabber Tor

Drabber Tor in Wolfscote Dale.

Peaseland Rocks

Turn the corner and you see Peaseland Rocks.

River Dove

Looking back at the wooded section of Wolfscote Dale, from Coldeaton Bridge.

River Dove

Wolfscote Dale.

Johnson's Knoll

Following the Tissington Trail in the direction of Johnson's Knoll.

Tissington Trail

Blue sky whilst I'm on the Tissington Trail.

Axe Edge

Axe Edge Moor and Parkhouse Hill, from the Tissington Trail.

Parkhouse Hill

Axe Edge Moor and Parkhouse Hill, from the Tissington Trail.

Hartington Station

Grey sky as I reach Hartington Station.


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