Great Dodd - Lake District Walk

Tuesday 18th September 2007

With the exception of snow I think we experienced just about every type of weather going today. We had woken up to a frost and a frozen tent but as we started walking up Threlkeld Knotts it was sunshine and T-shirts, but by the time we reached Clough Head the rain started and there was a cold and strong wind on top. Although the rest of the day was spent with all available layers on and we could see the rain in the Newlands Valley, after the first shower we were lucky enough to stay out of the rain and low cloud and had some excellent views.

Start: Wanthwaite (NY 3159 2321)

Route: Wanthwaite - Threlkeld Knotts (212) - Clough Head (213) - Calfhow Pike (214) - Little Dodd (215) - Great Dodd (216) - Randerside (217) - Mariel Bridge - Old Coach Road - Wanthwaite

Distance: 8.5 miles     Ascent: 884 metres      Time Taken: 6 hours 20 ins

Weather: A warm start turning grey and windy.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Clough Head & Threlkeld Knotts

Clough Head and Threlkeld Knotts from our tent.

Hilltop Quarry

Hilltop Quarry, not quite on the route to Threlkeld Knotts.

Skiddaw & Lonscale Fell

Lonscale Fell and Skiddaw from Threlkeld Knotts.

High Rigg & High Seat

Looking across High Rigg from Threlkeld Knotts.

Grisedale Pike

Grisedale Pike and Crag Hill, amongst others, seen across Low Rigg.


Looking across Latrigg to the Lord's Seat group of fells.

Lord's Seat Group

Zooming in on the Lord's Seat group of fells.


Zooming in on the Lord's Seat group of fells.

Threlkeld Knotts

Looking down on Threlkeld Knotts from the path across Clough Head.

Calfhow Pike & Great Dodd

Calfhow Pike is the rocky outcrop caught in sunshine to the right of the picture. The rain was heading for us and crossing High Rigg as I took this photo on my way to Clough Head's summit.

Clough Head's summit

No sooner had I taken this photo of Clough Head's summit than the rain caught up with us. We opted for lunch in the shelter as the clouds descended on Great Dodd's summit. A wise move as the rain stopped and the clouds lifted again whilst we ate our lunch.

Calfhow Pike

Calfhow Pike.

Calfhow Pike's summit

Looking towards Great Dodd from Calfhow Pike's summit.

Thirlmere & Ullscarf

Looking across Thirlmere towards Bowfell and the Scafells from Calfhow Pike.

Vale of Keswick

Bassenthwaite and Scotland come into view.

Raise & Helvellyn

Raise and Helvellyn seen from the summit shelter on Great Dodd.

Gowbarrow & Ullswater

Gowbarrow Fell from Great Dodd.


Looking down on Randerside from Great Dodd.

Randerside's summit cairn & Great Dodd

Randerside's summit cairn.

Great Mell

Great Mell Fell from the Old Coach Road.

Clough Head

Clough Head from the road.


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