Birkhouse Moor - Lake District Walk

Wednesday 19th September 2007

Today's walk was an invitation from Sean from the Striding web site to join Angus, Casper and himself on a walk up onto Helvellyn via Striding Edge. I was offered a lift to the start of the walk by two fellow OFC members Ann & Roger Hiley who were also planning on walking with Sean. Having done Great Dodd the day before I was never certain that I would make it as far as Helvellyn but I decided to give it a go and see how it went. It was a very wet start to the day but as we headed up towards the Hole-in-the-Wall the rain stopped, the clouds started to lift and the sun started to come out. Once we reached the Hole-in-the -Wall I decided to head off in another direction towards Birkhouse Moor as my legs were feeling the effects of the previous days walk. As I reached Birkhouse Moor the weather continued to improve and so rather than head straight down to Glenridding I decided to back-track and visit Red Tarn which I hadn't done before.

Start: Patterdale (NY 3928 1615)

Route: Patterdale - Hole-in-the-Wall - Birkhouse Moor - Red Tarn - Greenside Road - Glenridding

Distance: 7.5 miles     Ascent: 655 metres      Time Taken: 5 hours 15 mins

Weather: A wet start that cleared to blue sky and sunshine.

Pub Visited: White Lion, Patterdale    Ale Drunk: Tirrell Brewery, Old Faithful

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A wet view of Grisedale Valley as we start up the track to the Hole-in-the-Wall.


Looking towards the head of Grisedale Valley. Is that blue sky I can see?

Place Fell

Sunshine, not something we expected to see at the start of the walk.


Looking rather wet at the Hole-in-the-Wall.

The team

The Striding Edge team. The senior member of the team Angus, the apprentice Casper and Sean.

Birkhouse Moor

Birkhouse Moor.

Striding Edge

The rest of the group start making their way up Striding Edge.

Striding Edge, Helvellyn & Catstycam

Striding Edge & Catsycam from Birkhouse Moor.

Striding Edge

The cloud starts to clear from Striding Edge.

Kepple Cove

Looking up Kepple Cove from Birkhouse Moor.

Sheffield Pike

Sheffield Pike.



Place Fell

Place Fell with Loadpot Hill behind.

High Street

Looking towards High Street.


The cloud starts to lift from Helvellyn.

Helvellyn & Swirral Edge

Heading towards Red Tarn.

Helvellyn & Red Tarn

Helvellyn across Red Tarn.


Raise from the path down to Greenside mines.

Glenridding Beck

Glenridding Beck.


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