Kinder Scout - Peak District Walk

Saturday 27th October 2007

Today I was walking with 7 other members of the OFC on a walk that myself and Neil Haslewood had organised as part of an OFC Peak District weekend. We set of hoping that the faint bits of blue sky we could see meant that the cloud would lift and that we would have good views both from Kinder's edges and as we crossed the moors. As we reached the top of Jacob's Ladder we headed into the cloud with no views that meant limited pictures until we had crossed the moor and were heading towards Kinder Downfall. As we headed towards the downfall sunshine could be seen in the valley below and we hoped, yet again, that the cloud might lift but when we got to Kinder Downfall rain was starting to fall. Crossing Kinder Scout with visibility down to a few yards we were totally dependant upon our ability to use a map and compass to get us safely across the peat groughs. As we approached Crowden Head we acquired two additions to our group, Sarah and Tony, who as Tony put it. " Were following their noses" and trying to get across Kinder without a map or compass. They had been picked up by another couple with no idea as to where they were or which direction they needed to be going in. As, unlike the couple they were with, we were heading close to where Sarah and Tony wanted to be, we suggested they joined us and so we took them safely across Edale Moor and onto the path between Crowden Clough (their destination) and Grindsbrook Clough (our destination). We were unable to persuade them to stay with us until they were safely down and so had to settle for giving them a spare map and firm instructions to stick to the path and to ask others on the path for confirmation of where they were. We all hope they got down safely. Having parted company with Sarah and Tony we then made for Grindsbrook Clough where we had a very enjoyable scramble down Grindsbrook and headed back to Edale for a well earned pint. Warning: Kinder Scout is a dangerous place and even more so in low cloud. If you are going to attempt to go across the middle of it you must have a map and compass and know how to take and follow a bearing. Even in good visibility there are few features to head towards and negotiating the peat bogs and groughs means you will have to make numerous changes of directions and it is very easy to become disorientated. In the low visibility we were experiencing Sarah and Tony were incredibly lucky to come across the first couple and to then bump into us as well.

Start: Edale car park (SK1239 8535)

Route: Edale car park - Edale - Pennine Way - Jacob's Ladder - Edale Rocks - Kinder Low (TP) - Kinder Downfall - Kinder Gates - Edale Moor - Grindsbrook Clough - Edale - Edale car park

Distance: 9.5 miles     Ascent: 552 metres      Time Taken: 6 hours 40 mins

Terrain: Boggy peat across Kinder Scout, a scramble down Grindsbrook Clough.

Weather: Low cloud with light rain.

Pub Visited: The Nags Head, Edale    Ale Drunk: Coach House Brewing Company, Wizards Wonder

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OFC members in Edale

OFC members gather for a group photo at the start of the walk. L-R Richard, Lorraine, Neil, Angela. Steve, John K & Sue

Ringing Roger & The Nab

Ringing Roger and The Nab are just out of the cloud.

Lose Hill & Back Tor

Lose Hill & Back Tor are also clear of cloud, for the moment.

Some new carvings are appearing at Lee Farm.

We all hang around at the bottom of Jacob's Ladder hoping that Simon, whose car had broken down might catch us up. Sadly he never got to start the walk as his car's breakdown meant he had to return home.

Vale of Edale

Looking back along the path to Upper Booth from Jacob's Ladder.

Kinder Low's trig point

Into the murk and onto Kinder Low.

Kinder Low

Kinder Low.

Kinder Reservoir

Looking down on Kinder Reservoir and convincing ourselves that the sun was breaking through the cloud.

Sandy Heys

A few minutes later and the cloud and mist gathers on top of Sandy Heys again.

Kinder Downfall

Kinder Downfall not much water coming over it today.

Kinder Downfall

In fact on closer inspection the wind is actually blowing the water back up.

River Kinder

The River Kinder just before it goes over Kinder Downfall.

River Kinder

The first part of the crossing of Kinder Scout is relatively easy as you just follow the river from the downfall.

Kinder Gates

Kinder Gates. Just after Kinder Gates the fun starts as you have to leave the riverbed and head into and across the moor.

Kinder Scout

Plenty of wet peat and very little to see as we meet up with the couple who had found Sarah and Tony.

Grindsbrook Clough

Safely out of the mist, down Grindsbrook Clough and now heading for the pub.


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