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Friday 9th November 2007

Another beautiful autumn day with no haze to spoil the distant views. When I set off from Sir William Hill there was a definite icy feel to the wind, making this the first walk since the summer where I walked with my coat on all day, it was so cold I almost put my hat and gloves on as well.

Start: Sir William Hill (SK 2246 7803)

Route: Sir William Hill - Eyam Moor - Highlow Wood - Offerton Moor - Smelting Hill - Abney - Abney Clough - Eyam Moor (TP) - Sir William Hill

Distance: 7.5 miles     Ascent: 491 metres      Time Taken: 4 hours 5 mins

Terrain: Easy paths and quiet lanes.

Weather: Sunny with a cold edge to the wind.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Hathersage Moor

Looking across Eyam Moor to Hathersage Moor.

Over Owler Tor

Zooming in on Over Owler Tor and the distinctive rock Mother Cap.

Higger Tor

A close-up of Higger Tor.

Bamford Edge

Looking across Bamford to Bamford Edge.

High Low Bank

High Low Bank (L) and High Low (R).

Abney Low

Abney Low seen above Mill Wood.

High Low

Highlow Wood and High Low.

Highlow Brook

Highlow Brook.

High Low

High Low.

Win Hill & Bamford Edge

Win Hill and Bamford Edge from Offerton Moor.

Win Hill

Win Hill.

Ladybower Reservoir

From the top of Offerton Moor it is possible to make out Ladybower Reservoir.

Eyam Moor

Eyam Moor from Smelting Hill.

Stoke Ford

The two stone seats at Stoke Ford.

Bretton Clough

Bretton Clough from Eyam Moor.

Abney Moor

Looking across Eyam Moor to Abney Moor with Mam Tor to its left and Win Hill to its right.

Mam Tor

Abney Moor (R) is actually split in two which is why in the shot above it was to the right of Mam Tor and here it is to the left of Mam Tor. Abney Low is seen just right of centre.

Froggatt & Curbar Edges

Froggatt (L) and Curbar (R) Edges from Eyam Moor.

Sir Willaim Hill trig

Sir William Hill trig with Higger Tor in the background.

Curbar & Baslow Edges

Curbar (L) and Baslow (R) Edges from Sir William Hill.


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