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Sunday 27th January 2008

After the previous weeks of more or less persistent rain the biggest challenge was finding a walk that wouldn't be flooded or involve ploughing through fields of mud, so the sandy paths around the edge of Kinder Scout seemed a good idea. For most of the day it was overcast but as we reached Kinder Low we did see some sunshine in the Vale of Edale, typically we were heading in the opposite direction.

Start: Bowden Bridge car park (SK 0486 8698)

Route: Bowden Bridge car park - White Brow - William Clough - Sandy Heys - The Edge (TP) - Kinder Downfall - Kinder Low (TP) - Edale Cross - Oaken Clough - Coldwell Clough - Bowden Bridge car park

Distance: 9.25 miles     Ascent: 637 metres      Time Taken: 5 hours 18 mins

Terrain: Good paths. A small amount of scrambling in William Clough.

Weather: Generally grey with a strong cold wind on Kinder.

Pub Visited: Wye Bridge Inn. Buxton    Ale Drunk: Scarem, Hydes Brewery

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Kinder Reservoir

Kinder Low seen across Kinder Reservoir.

South Head & Mount Famine

South Head (L) and Mount Famine (R) from White Brow.

Kinder Low

Kinder Reservoir and Kinder Low from White Brow. Previously when I have done this route I have followed the path next to the reservoir, I would certainly recommend doing the short climb to White Brow, the views across the reservoir are much better from the higher route.

Kinder Downfall

Our first hint that it might be windy on top of Kinder came when we observed, from White Brow, the water blowing back up Kinder Downfall.

Kinder Downfall

A closer view of Kinder Downfall.

William Clough

Looking up William Clough just before we dropped back down into the clough.

William Clough

Following the brook up the clough involves one or two trips across it. Today after the recent rain this involved plenty of boots in the brook, good for testing out if your boots leak, fortunately my current pair don't.

William Clough

The view from the top of the Clough with a hint of brightness on the horizon.

Kinder Scout

An unnamed rocky outcrop on Kinder Scout.

Pennine Way

From the top of William Clough the route follows the Pennine Way onto Kinder Scout.

Kinder Scout

Looking back along the top of Kinder Scout from Sandy Heys.

The Edge trig

We took a short diversion off the Pennine Way to reach The Edge trig point. Bleaklow is the ridge visible behind the trig point.

The Edge

Looking towards the part of Kinder known as 'The Edge' with Bleaklow on the horizon again.

Kinder Reservoir

Mermaid's Pool and Kinder Reservoir from Kinder Downfall.

Kinder Downfall

Kinder Downfall, more water going up than down today.

Across Kinder Scout

As we headed across Kinder Low we saw our first bit of blue sky for the day. This shot across Kinder is taken from Kinder Low's trig point and if you look carefully you can just about make out Win Hill behind Lose Hill. It wasn't a great day for taking photos.

Swine's Back

Swine's Back from Edale Rocks.

Vale of Edale

Sunshine in the Vale of Edale lights up Mam Tor.

Edale Cross

Edale Cross on the track back down to Hayfield.


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