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Wednesday 30th January 2008

A walk in a new area for me, including a stretch of the Manifold Way I hadn't done before. I had planned on starting out along the Manifold Way but because I took the wrong track at the start of the walk I ended up returning along it instead. I'm glad I did, as I think the views were better the way I ended up doing the route.

Start: Weag's Bridge car park (SK 1000 5427)

Route: Weag's Bridge car park - Beeston Tor - Throwley Hall - Rushley - Musden Wood - Carlton - Manifold Way - Weag's Bridge car park

Distance: 8.25 miles     Ascent: 352 metres      Time Taken: 4 hours 15 mins

Terrain: Good paths, muddy in places.

Weather: Blue sky and sunshine for most of the day.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Manifold Way

Looking along the Manifold Way from Weag's Bridge car park. I was actually going in the opposite direction today.

Wetton Low

Looking across the River Manifold to Wetton Low.

Beeston Tor

Beeston Tor. The Manifold Way is the track on the right I was on the track on the left paying more attention to Beeston's Tor than the path, which is why I ended reversing my planned route.

Beeston Tor

Beeston Tor.

Beeston Tor

Having climbed up above the Manifold Valley you get a better view of the whole of the Tor.

Wetton Low

Continuing upwards and Wetton Low comes into view.

Beeston Tor

Follow the mud down to the old barn and that's the route. Here looking back to the Manifold Valley and the final view of Beeston Tor.

Bunster Hill

Head down the other side of the hill and Bunster Hill comes into view.

Throwley Hall

Throwley Hall. You can get into the hall's grounds and there is a seat just behind the wall, if it hadn't been in the shade it would have made a great spot for a break.

Manifold Valley

Looking across the Manifold Valley towards Bunster Hill.

Manifold Valley

Looking in the opposite direction towards Castern Wood.

Bunster Hill & Thorpe Cloud

I shouldn't have got this view of Thorpe Cloud but I took the wrong path.

Musden Wood

Musden Wood. One of the many walking books I have said it is 'beautiful at most times of the year,' not today, it was just very muddy. Judging by the bulbs and flowers that were shooting up along the path it is probably much nicer in Spring and Summer.

Musden Wood

The top of Musden Wood and my lunch spot. Nice to see blue sky again.


The same book as before describes this as the 'slopingest roof you'll ever see'. I have to agree.

River Hamps

Reflections in the River Hamps as I head along the Manifold Way.

River Hamps

A few yards later the water disappeared completely leaving a dry river bed for a good mile. Now it can't be because we haven't had much rain lately.

Manifold Way

The Manifold Way. This is the quietest stretch of the Manifold Way I have walked along, I only saw 2 people whilst I was on it.

Soles Hill

Nearly back at Beeston Tor but looking behind me gave me this view of Soles Hill. The book I mentioned is 'One Hundred Walks in the Peak District' by Iain Grant.


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