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Friday 8th February 2008

Having done the weekly dash around Sainsburys it was just too nice to stay at home so I headed out for a late afternoon stroll around Stanton Moor. Too much haze for any long-distance views and the sun was starting to disappear as I headed back to the car but there is always plenty to see on Stanton Moor.

Start: Cork Stone Entrance lay-by (SK 2419 8281)

Route: Stanton Moor

Distance: 1.75 miles     Ascent: 48 metres      Time Taken: 1 hour

Terrain: Good paths.

Weather: Warm with blue sky and sunshine

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Cork Stone

Approaching the Cork Stone.

Cork Stone

A slight diversion gives a slightly different view of the Cork Stone.

The reason for the diversion was to take a shot of this tree.

Cork Stone

The more normal view of Cork Stone.

Nine Ladies Stone Circle

The King's Stone above Nine Ladies Stone Circle.

King's Stone

The King's Stone.

Nine Ladies Stone Circle

The Nine Ladies Stone Circle. It is believed there were originally 11 stones in the circle.

Reform Tower

The Reform Tower.

Stanton Moor

Heading along the edge of Stanton Moor.

One of the many trees found on the moor.

Stanton Moor

A rocky outcrop on Stanton Moor.

A closer view of it. It might have some historical significance but some research is needed before I can confirm that.


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