Cromford Canal - Peak District Walk

Tuesday 1st April 2008

With another dry day forecast I decided to do a local walk that not only takes in both Cromford Canal and Black Rocks but also includes some of the best views of Crich Stand. Although it was warm, out of the wind, down by the canal, once I was heading along the tops there was no doubting that the wind was both strong and cool. Another well timed arrival at the top of Black Rocks meant I was caught by a passing shower, not so good, but got to enjoy a rather good rainbow over Riber Castle. As I walked back along the High Peak Trail from Black Rocks to High Peak Junction I saw no-one at all which was a definite first.

Start: High Peak Junction (SK 3148 5609)

Route: High Peak Junction - Cromford Canal - Birch Wood - Bolehill (TP) - Black Rocks - High Peak Trail - High Peak Junction

Distance: 6.75 miles     Ascent: 406 metres      Time Taken: 4 hours

Terrain: Good paths which can be muddy in places.

Weather: Blue sky with a cold strong wind, one shower.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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High Peak Junction

High Peak Junction. The visitors centre is now open for the summer from 10:30 - 5:30 and it is possible to enjoy an audio tour of the area.

Cromford Canal

Looking back along Cromford Canal to High Peak Junction.

Leawood Pumphouse

Leawood Pumphouse which will be having some 'Steaming Days' during the summer.

Cromford Canal

Cromford Canal.

River Derwent

The River Derwent passing below the canal.

Leawood Tunnel

Leawood Tunnel and the point at which I leave the canal path.

River Derwent

Daffodils on the banks of the Derwent.

Crich Stand

Looking across to Crich Stand from the back of Birch Wood.

Crich Stand

A closer view of Crich Stand.

Lea to Crich

A wider panorama looking towards Crich Stand.

Lea & Holloway

Looking across to Lea and Holloway. Lea was home to a young Florence Nightingale, but only during the summer.


Looking across towards Crich Stand and Crich Chase.

Middleton Top

Heading up Bolehill and looking across towards Middleton Top.

Bolehill's summit

Bolehill's summit trig.

Carsington Reservoir

The view towards Carsington Reservoir from Bolehill's summit.

Carsington Reservoir

Zooming in on Carsington Reservoir.

Black Rocks

Looking across the top of Black Rocks.

Black Rocks

A rainbow forms over Riber Castle. It might have been sunny over towards Riber but I was getting soaked trying to take this picture.


Looking over Cromford and out to Matlock from the top of Black Rocks.

Riber Castle

Riber Castle on Riber Hill with Willersley Castle in the valley below.

Sheep Pasture Engine House

The old engine house at the top of Sheep Pasture Incline.

Sheep Pasture Incline

Looking down a strangely deserted Sheep Pasture Incline.

Catch Pit

The 'Catch Pit' at the bottom of Sheep Pasture Incline.


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