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Saturday 19th July 2008

Today I was joined by Lorraine a fellow member of the OFC. The original plan had been to do a walk on Kinder Scout but with the weather forecast being poor Lorraine suggested a walk in Lathkill Dale instead as she had never been there before. As we set off a very heavy shower forced us to stop at Lorraine's car and put on full waterproofs and they stayed on until we reached the start of Lathkill Dale. After that they were frequently on and off as it was too hot to leave them on in-between the frequent showers.

Start: Moor Lane car park (SK 1940 6445)

Route: Moor Lane car park - Cales Dale - Ricklow Quarry - Lathkill Dale - Conksbury Bridge - Alport - Bradford Dale - Moor Lane car park

Distance: 10 miles     Ascent: 459 metres      Time Taken: 5 hours 45 mins

Terrain: Generally easy paths.

Weather: Sunny spells with plenty of showers.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Lathkill Dale

The first view of Lathkill Dale from just below Calling Farm.

Lathkill Dale

Entering Lathkill Dale, as the rain finally shows signs of stopping.

A few minutes later and there is blue sky above us. Here looking at some of the limestone rocks that are high above Lathkill Dale.

Lathkill Dale

Looking back towards the narrow entrance to Lathkill Dale.

Lathkill Dale

We enjoyed a bite to eat with the view in the photo above in one direction and this view of Lathkill Dale in the other.

River Lathkill

A very empty River Lathkill, well before the point where it drains into the old lead mines.

Parson's Crag

Parson's Crag, probably the most prominent limestone cliff in Lathkill Dale.

Lathkill Dale

Compared to my previous visits to Lathkill Dale the area seemed very over-grown and the height and depth of the wild flowers and weeds meant the river was often out of sight.

River Lathkill

Looking down on the River Lathkill. With the water level so low I was able to see why this stretch has so many shade of blue and green. The grey colour on the far side is caused by the slate that covers the bottom of the river.

River Lathkill

Looking back along the weirs.

River Lathkill

The grey clouds gather, again.

Conksbury Bridge

Conksbury Bridge.

River Lathkill

The route from Conksbury Bridge to Alport is on the right-hand side of the river.

Bradford Dale

Entering Bradford Dale. It was very strange being here at the weekend, when I'm normally here during the week you will usually find a school party here doing a river study.

A nest in the the River Bradford.

Bradford Dale

More sunshine and blue sky as we near the end of the walk.


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