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Sunday 21st September 2008

Today's walk was a significant one in my attempt to complete the Birketts as by the end of it I would be more than halfway through the list. After yesterday's long walk we were more than happy to tackle something much shorter with relatively little climbing although it would have been nice if the views could have been a little more extensive. Every time I have tackled one of the summits in the Whitfell group for the first time the views have been none-existent and today was no exception.

Start: Summit of Corney Fell Road (NY 2964 0434)

Route: Corney Fell Road - Buck Barrow (266) - Great Paddy Crag (267) - Kinmont Buck Barrow (268) - Burn Moor (269) - Plough Fell (270) - Corney Fell Road - Stoneside Hill (271) - Corney Fell Road

Distance: 5.75 miles     Ascent: 323 metres      Time Taken: 4 hours

Terrain: Moorland with good tracks.

Weather: Grey and cool.

Pub Visited: The Black Cock Inn, Broughton    Ale Drunk: Black Sheep Best Bitter

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Stoneside Hill

Stoneside Hill from the Corney Fell Road. Not the most difficult summit in the Lake District but in a few hours time it will mean a lot to me

Kinmont Buck Barrow, Great Paddy Crag & Buck Barrow

Looking across to the first three summits of the day, Kinmont Buck Barrow (L), Great Paddy Crag (C) and Buck Barrow (R).

Great Paddy Crag & Buck Barrow

Following the wide track to Great Paddy Crag and Buck Barrow.

Buck Barrow

Buck Barrow's summit from the top that isn't the summit which of course we did first.

Buck Barrow's summit

Looking to Kinmont Buck Barrow from Buck Barrow's summit cairn.

Great Paddy Crag

Great Paddy Crag from Buck Barrow.

Great Paddy Crag's summit

Great Paddy Crag's summit cairn.

Kinmont Buck Barrow

Kinmont Buck Barrow from Great Paddy Crag.

Kinmont Buck Barrow's summit

Kinmont Buck Barrow's summit.

Great Paddy Crag & Buck Barrow

Buck Barrow and Great Paddy Crag from Kinmont Buck Barrow.

Buck Barrow

Buck Barrow from the path to Burn Moor.

Burn Moor's summit

Whitfell from Burn Moor's summit.

Plough Fell

Plough Fell from Burn Moor. This summit won't quite be halfway.

Plough Fell's summit

The views start to appear as we reach Plough Fell's summit. Whitfell, Hesk Fell, The Pike and a hazy Harter Fell can now be made out in the distance.

Kinmont Buck Barrow & Buck Barrow

Looking back down to the track we followed from the Corney Fell Road to the summit of Stoneside Hill.

Stoneside Hill's summit

Stoneside Hill's summit. I'm now over halfway through the Birketts. Yippee.

Black Combe

The sun finally appears as we start to head down from Stoneside Hill with one last look at Black Combe


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