Birchen Edge - Peak District Walk

Thursday 9th October 2008

A great day for a walk, blue sky, warm weather and great views. A real treat after all the rain and grey days of the past few weeks.

Start: Birchen Edge car park (SK 2808 7211)

Route: Birchen Edge car park - Birchen Edge (TP) - Jack Flat - Bar Road - Baslow - Chatsworth - Birchen Edge car park

Distance: 5.25 miles     Ascent: 260 metres      Time Taken: 3 hours

Terrain: Good clear tracks.

Weather: Warm and sunny.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Below Birchen Edge

Looking west from the path below Birchen Edge.

From Birchen Edge

Looking in the same direction from Birchen Edge.

Longstone Moor

Longstone Moor can be seen in the distance

Birchen Edge

Looking along Birchen Edge towards Nelson's Monument and the rocks known as Three Ships.

Nelson's Monument & Three Ships

Birchen Edge with a climber setting up just in front of the monument.

Three Ships

Three Ships.


Each rock has a ship's name carved into it.

Nelson's Monument

Nelson's Monument from the Three Ships.

Nelson's Monument

Looking along Birchen Edge.

Birchen Edge

Birchen Edge.

Birchen Edge trig

Birchen Edge's trig point.

White Edge

Curbar and White Edges from Birchen Edge.

Jack Flat

Jack Flat from the path used to descend from Birchen Edge.

Bar Brook

Bar Brook with Gardom's Edge to the right.

Jack Flat

Jack Flat seems to missing its usual residents.

No, they were just further up the path than normal.

Wellington's Monument

Approaching Wellington's Monument.

Wellington's Monument

Wellington's Monument.

Eagle Stone

Looking across Eaglestone Flat to Eagle Stone.

Longstone & Eyam Moors

Longstone Moor (L) and Eyam Moor (R).

Longstone Moor

Zooming in on Longstone Moor where the damage being done to the edge by the quarrying is all to visible.

Gardom's and Birchen Edges

Gardom's Edge with Birchen Edge behind, from Bar Road.

Gardom's Edge

Gardom's Edge.


A thatched cottage by the track into Chatsworth Estate.

Jubilee Rock

Jubilee Rock.


Looking back across the Chtasworth Estate from Jubilee Rock.


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