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Wednesday 12th November 2008

With today forecast as the only dry and sunny day for the week we headed out to make the most of the good weather. The fields and paths were very wet, muddy and slippery which certainly made the initial steep ascent interesting, a case of one step forwards and lets see how far back down I will slide. The views across the dales more than made up for the effort required at the start of the walk and once we were in Wolfscote Dale you could easily have thought it was late summer, rather than late autumn, as it was so warm and pleasant.

Start: Milldale car park (SK 1368 5477)

Route: Milldale car park - Alstonefield - Narrowdale Hill - Wolfscote Dale - Coldeaton Bridge - Mill Dale - Milldale car park

Distance: 6.5 miles     Ascent: 341 metres      Time Taken: 3 hours 40 mins

Terrain: Fields and good paths.

Weather: Warm and dry with no wind.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Shining Tor

Looking across Mill Dale to Shining Tor from the steep climb above Milldale.

Mill Dale

Mill Dale.

Alstonefield Church

Heading towards Alstonefield's church.

Alstonefield's Green Well

The Green Well which used to supply Alstonefield's water. Steep Low is in the background.



Wetton Hill

Looking across the valley to Wetton and Wetton Hill as we head out of Alstonefield.

Steep Low

Steep Low.

Narrowdale Hill

Narrowdale Hill, our route would take us just below it's summit. If it hadn't of been so slippery I might well have explored its summit.

How Narrowdale

Looking down to How Narrowdale, the dale that separates Narrowdale Hill and Gratton Hill.

Gratton Hill

Gratton Hill from Narrowdale Hill.


Looking across How Narrowdale to Hartington and beyond.


Zooming in on Hartington with Carder Low and High Wheeldon also visible.

Wolfscote Hill

Wolfscote Hill, behind the lower slopes of Gratton Hill.

Wolfscote Dale

Approaching the entrance to Wolfscote Dale.

River Dove

Autumn reflections in the River Dove.

Wolfscote Dale caves

The caves at the entrance to Wolfscote Dale.

Wolfscote Dale

Wolfscote Dale.

Drabber Tor

Looking across the River Dove to Drabber Tor.

Drabber Tor

Drabber Tor.

Peaseland Rocks

Peaseland Rocks.

Iron Tors

Iron Tors seen high above the wooded section of Wolfscote Dale.

Wolfscote Dale

Sunlight catches the limestone in Wolfscote Dale.


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