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Wednesday 10th December 2008

With another good day forecast we took advantage of the frozen ground to walk in the area around Alport Castles. The freezing conditions might have made the going across Rowlee Pasture easy but it also meant a fun drive to the start of the walk along the grit-free and icy road next to Derwent Reservoir.

Start: Ditch Clough Plantation (SK 1549 9276)

Route: Ditch Clough Plantation - Alport Castles - Alport Bridge - Rowlee Farm - Rowlee Pasture - Ditch Clough Plantation

Distance: 8 miles     Ascent: 612 metres      Time Taken: 4 hours 20 mins

Terrain: Frozen moorland and farm tracks.

Weather: Blue sky but cold.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Ditch Clough Plantation

The walk starts with a climb up through Ditch Clough Plantation.

Derwent Reservoir

Looking across Ditch Clough Plantation and the Upper Derwent Valley to Howden Edge.

Birchin Hat

The snow on Bleaklow makes it stand out in the distance as we look across Birchin Hat, which is not on our route today.

The Tower

The Tower.

The Tower

The Tower again.

Alport Dale

Alport Dale.

Alport Castles

The landslip that created features such as 'The Tower' is best appreciated looking across Alport Dale.

Whitefield Pits

Whitefield Pits at the head of Alport Dale.

Woodlands Valley

Woodlands Valley. Our route would eventually take us out of the shadow of Kinder and into the sun to where the conifers start on the opposite side of the valley.

Hey Ridge

In the opposite direction Hey Ridge is bathed in sunshine.

Kinder Scout

Looking along Woodlands Valley to Fairbrook Naze and a snowy Kinder Scout.

Win Hill

Win Hill and Mam Tor come into view, as we climb up to Rowlee Pasture.

Rowlee Pasture

Following the icy slabs across Rowlee Pasture towards Alport Castles.

Howden Edge

Howden Edge seems to be missing out on the late afternoon sun.

The Tower

One final look at The Tower before we head for Ditch Clough Plantation and the car.


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