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Tuesday 16th March 2010

I haven't visited this area for over a year and as I have hardly been out walking over the last 4 months I wasn't sure how far I could manage. I planned a route that meant I could explore a new part of this area and also cut the walk short if I felt too unfit. Naturally when I reached the point where I needed to deicide if I was carrying on or not the lure of the climb to the top of the Roaches was too much to resist. My lack of walking was certainly telling by the time I reached the other end of the Roaches and for once I was quite grateful that I was going to be walking on the road for a good part of the rest of the walk.

Start: Gradbach car park (SK 1702 7065)

Route: Gradbach car park - Dane Valley Way - Danebridge - Hanging Stone - Back Forest - The Roaches (TP) - Shawside - Roach End - Gradbach Wood - Gradbach car park

Distance: 11 miles     Ascent: 622 metres      Time Taken: 6 hours 10 ins

Terrain: Good paths.

Weather: Warm and sunny.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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River Dane

Crossing the Dane as I enter Forest Wood.

Dane Valley Way

Following the Dane Valley Way through the wood.

Emerging from the wood this hill came into view. Anyone know its name? Despite studying the map I can't work out which hill it is or if it has a name. James has suggested it is Hammerton Knowl, which was on my short list of possibilities


I assume this is the bridge that gave Danebridge its name.

Hanging Stone

Heading towards the Hanging Stone.

Hanging Stone

The Hanging Stone. It actually has two signs on it as there is another out of shot.

The Cloud

Looking across towards The Cloud. It's the first time I've been over this way and able to see it.


Looking in the opposite direction, towards Shutlingsloe.

Back Forest

Looking back to Back Forest. It's at this point that I needed to make a decision, head for the car or the Roaches. No competition really, lunch at the trig point it is.

Towards Cheeks Hill

Views across to the moors with, hopefully, the last of the snow visible and helping to give them shape.

Back Forest

The lack of walking was telling as I headed up to the summit of the Roaches.

Roaches' trig

The summit trig.

Five Clouds

Looking across Five Clouds to Tittesworth Reservoir.

Tittesworth Reservoir

Tittesworth Reservoir.

The Roaches

The Roaches.

Doxey Pool

Doxey Pool.

The Roaches

Hen Cloud at the end of the Roaches.

The Roaches

Climbers on the rocks at the southern end of the Roaches.

One of the Ranger Service benches. I'd been eyeing up a seat on the bench but was beaten to it by a couple just ahead of me. As they kindly moved to let me take the picture it didn't seem fair to ask them to budge up and let me sit down as well.

Hen Cloud

Hen Cloud. Not on the route today.

Gradbach Hill

Gradbach Hill as I walk along the very quiet road back to Roach End.


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