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Saturday 17th April 2010

After the recent dry spell of weather and with a good day forecast it seemed like the ideal time for a trip that involved crossing the moors and groughs on Bleaklow. The start, via Yellowslacks and Dowstone Clough, was new to me but I would certainly recommend it. I can't say that I noticed the lack of planes in the sky, but there again if they are there I enjoy watching them, especially if they are low flying jets, as they bring back great memories of my days living on RAF bases.

Start: Old Glossop (SK 0456 9482)

Route: Old Glossop - Yellowslacks - Dowstone Clough - Higher Shelf Stones (TP) - Hern Stones - Wain Stones - Bleaklow Head - Pennine Way - Cock Hill (TP) - Old Glossop

Distance: 8.5 miles     Ascent: 520 metres      Time Taken: 5 hours 15 mins

Terrain: Generally good paths but there is a section that involves crossing open and pathless moorland.

Weather: Warm and hazy.

Pub Visited: Wye Bridge Inn, Buxton    Ale Drunk: Jennings Brewery, Stickle Pike

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Lower Shelf Stones

The view across to Lower Shelf Stones from the ascent of Yellowslacks.


Looking back to Yellowslacks from the path to Dowstone Clough.

Dowstone Clough

Dowstone Clough.

Dowstone Clough

There appears to have been a recent landslip in Dowstone Clough.

Yellowslacks Brook

In sheltered spots the snow is still clinging on. This patch looked a couple of feet deep in places.

Yellowslacks Brook

Looking up Yellowslacks Brook.

Higher Shelf Stones

Higher Shelf Stones trig point. The group in the background were on a navigation course.

Lower Shelf Stones

Lower Shelf Stones from Higher Shelf Stones.

Overexposd wreckage

The wreckage from 'Overexposed'.

The memorial plaque to the crew.

Hern Stones

Hern Stones.

Wain Stones

Wain Stones. Taken into the sun to avoid photographing the large group who were busy trying to get a bearing to Bleaklow Head.

Bleaklow Head

Bleaklow Head.

Pennine Way

Following the Pennine Way to Wildboar Grain.

Wildboar Grain

The delightful Wildboar Grain.

Wildboar Grain

Looking back down on Wildboar Grain and Joseph Patch.

Torside Clough

Looking down Torside Clough, which is the route the Pennine Way takes.

Harrop Moss

Our route was across this moorland which appears to be nameless on the map. The route is easy to follow even if the start of it can easily be missed. The wooden paths/bridges mean the going is relatively straightforward.

Glossop Low

Following the wooden bridges across the moor and bogs eventually brings you to the summit in the picture, which again appears to be nameless on the map.

Cock Hill's trig

Cock Hill's trig point. Typically, now that the walk is nearly over, the haze that has obscured the long distance views all days is clearing.

Cock Hill

Cock Hill from the start of the path back to Old Glossop.


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