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Monday 6th September 2010

This is a walk I usually keep for the start of autumn but I was writing it up for the autumn addition of a magazine so this time I had to do before the trees turned golden. At the time I thought I was on the way back to get over a recent injury, instead it turned out to be my last walk in the Peak District for 2010.

Start: End of Sir William Hill Rd (SK 2246 7802)

Route: Sir William Hill Road - Bretton Clough - Abney Moor - Smelting Hill - Stoke Ford - Eyam Moor - Sir William Hill Road

Distance: 8 miles     Ascent: 503 metres      Time Taken: 4 hours 10 mins

Terrain: Good paths.

Weather: Warm.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Sir William Hill Road

Having reached the summit of Sir William Hill Road the views start to improve. If my map is to be believed the distant hills include Combs Moss.

Stanage Edge

Stanage Edge across Bretton Clough.

Smelting Hill

Before the steep drop down into Bretton Clough the view extends across Abney to Smelting Hill.

Abney Moor & Smelting Hill

Abney Moor to the left and Smelting Hill/Abney Moor to the right.

Bretton Clough

Heading along the bottom of Bretton Clough.

Abney Moor

This bench is at the start of the track across Abney Moor and a wonderful place to rest after the steep climb out of Bretton Clough.

Abney Moor

The easy to follow track across Abney Moor.

Sir William Hill

Sir William Hill from Abney Moor.

Win Hill

A distant view of Win Hill from Abney Moor.

Smelting Hill

Abney Moor or Smelting Hill, depending upon which part of the hill you are on, from the track that links the two sections of Abney Moor.

Smelting Hill

Following the track through the heather around Smelting Hill.

Bole Hill

I think it is Bole Hill from just below Oaks Farm.

Stoke Ford

Stoke Ford, which marks the point at which the climbing begins again.

Bretton Clough

The view across Bretton Clough, just before crossing the stile to enter Eyam Moor.

Higger Tor

Higger Tor from Eyam Moor.

Smelting Hill

As the walk ends the sun finally comes out. Looking back to Smelting Hill from Eyam Moor.


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