Hard Knott - Lake District Walk

Wednesday 20th July 2011

When we parked the car it looked like we were in for a good day, however by the time we reached the top of Hardknott Pass the cloud had come down and we had no real views for most of the walk. A good day for practising our navigation skills.

Start: Brotherilkeld (NY 2106 0115)

Route: Brotherilkeld - Hardknott Pass - Border End (315) - Hard Knott (316) - Yew Bank (317) - Lingcove Bridge - Brotherilkeld

Distance: 6.5 miles     Ascent: 525 metres      Time Taken: 4 hours 55 minutes

Terrain: Relatively easy going.

Weather: Low cloud and rain.

Pub Visited: The Woolpack Inn, Eskdale    Ale Drunk: Jennings Cumberland

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Hard Knott

A bit grey but at least the summit is well clear of cloud, we should be in for some good views. Well that's what I thought as I looked up at Hard Knott from the car.

Wrynose Bottom

Having slogged our way up Hardknott Pass a quick peep into Wrynose Bottom before we head into the hills


Heading towards the summit of Border End and Eskdale comes back into view.

Border End

Border End and another game of guess which one is the summit. Is it this one with the cairn?

Border End

This one that looks higher or could it be the other one we also visited?

Hard Knott

No issues identifying Hard Knott's summit, it was just a shame there were no views.

Yew Bank

Descending out of the cloud and Yew Bank comes into view.

Yew Bank's summit

Yew Bank's summit.

Esk Valley

The cloud looks like it's staring to lift as we get a view down the Esk Valley.

Throstlehow Crag

Bowfell and Esk Pike's summits are lost in the cloud as we head for Lingcove Beck.

Throstlehow Crag

Throstlehow Crag with Scar Lathing disappearing into cloud behind.

Side Pike

Hold on it might be brightening up. Side Pike and Scafell emerge form the cloud.

Lingcove Beck

Following the wet and slippery path alongside Lingcove Beck.

Lingcove Beck

Waterfalls on Lingcove Beck.

Lingcove Bridge

Apparently there was troll patrolling Lingcove Bridge, but he seemed pretty harmless to me.

Lingcove Beck

A final look up Lingcove Beck as we head down the Esk Valley. It soon started raining again and so it was camera away, head down and lets get back to the car as fast as we can.


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