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Sunday 25th March 2012

I certainly hadn't woken up this morning expecting to be visiting Carron Crag today but John had woken up with a bad back and the whole holiday looked in doubt. Once we had decided we were going to go away we needed to find an easily accessible fell that offered a short walk, on easy-going terrain that would enable us to assess just how good or bad John's back was and Carron Crag fitted the bill.

Start: Grizedale Forest Visitor Centre (SD 3362 9418)

Route: Grizedale Forest Visitor Centre - Carron Crag (TP) - Grizedale Forest Visitor Centre

Distance: 3.25 miles     Ascent: 236 metrees      Time Taken: 3 hours

Terrain: Clear paths.

Weather: Warm and sunny.

Pub Visited: Ambleside Tavern    Ale Drunk: Thwaites Wainwright

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After a relatively quiet drive up the M6 we began our holiday with an ice-cream and a trip across Windermere on the ferry.


A hazy view along Windermere.

Grizedale Forest

It was so warm the shade offered by the forest's trees was very welcome.

Carron Crag

No wrong turns on this visit meant we soon had our first sight of the summit of Carron Crag.

Panopticon by Linda Watson

But first we had to explore the piece of artwork titled 'Panopticon' by Linda Watson that resembled a stargate.

Mind it is a bit small to be a stargate.

Carron Crag

The recent sunny and warm weather meant that the rocks were nice and dry, making it much easier to reach the trig point on the rocky summit.

Coniston Fells

Although the views were hazy we could at least see the fells on this visit to Carron Crag. Here looking across to the Coniston fells

Yes that could definitely be a stargate on a distant planet.


It was just about possible to make out the Fairfield Horseshoe from the summit.

Rusland Valley

No sign of the coast though as we looked down the Rusland Valley.

Carron Crag

We must have spent a good 30 to 45 minutes around Carron Crag's summit and yet we saw no one whilst we were there.

Heading down to the main track and this little fellow catches my eye.


Back at the car park and the two woodcutters have disappeared from the forest but it appears that there is a new collection of artwork being constructed. I believe this piece is called 'Gateway'.


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