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Monday 30th April 2012

After all the recent rain today was forecast as the only good day for the week so I wasn't going to miss the opportunity for a walk. After the muddy walk last week I decided to opt for a route that would hopefully not be too muddy and as I haven't walked along the whole length of the valley floor in Dove Dale for several years the decision was made.

Start: Alsop Station car park (SK 1558 5494)

Route: Alsop Station - Milldale - Dove Dale - Thorpe Cloud - Thorpe - Tissington Trail - Alsop Station

Distance: 9.75 miles     Ascent: 505 metres      Time Taken: 5 hours

Terrain: Good paths and fields.

Weather: Warm and sunny.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Viators Bridge

Viators Bridge in Milldale, no ducks in the water today, they all appeared to be sat sunbathing.

Dove Dale

All is quiet as I set off through Dove Dale.

Ravens Tor

Ravens Tor.

Dove Holes

Standing at the entrance to Dove Holes was a bit like standing under the shower today.

From Dove Holes

Mind the view from my shower isn't as good as the view from the caves.

Baley Hill

Looking back down the dale to Baley Hill.

Natural Arch

It is rare for me to walk this section of the dale so I made the effort to climb up to the natural arch above the dale.

Tissington Spires

Looking back to Tissington Spires.

Lover's Leap

A rare sight, an empty Lover's Leap.

Twelve Apostles

The best views across the dale to the Twelve Apostles are from Lover's Leap.

Tissington Spires

You also get a view of the top of Tissington Spires from there as well.

Dove Dale

The famous stepping stones and I still think the slabs on top look a mess.

Dove Dale

Looking back down to the stepping stones as I head up Thorpe Cloud.

Thorpe Cloud

The view back down Thorpe Cloud from the top.

Bunster Hill

Bunster Hill.

Dove Dale

All those people who stay in the dale and never venture up miss a great view.

Thorpe Cloud

Heading for Thorpe and one last look back at Thorpe Cloud.

Tissington Trail

My return route was along the Tissington Trail, where information boards and old signs linked to the railway will tell you about the history of the trail.

For most of this section of the trail you are walking in cuttings, where the only thing to see are the tress and flowers along the banks of the cuttings.

Aleck Low

Emerging from one of the cuttings and the view improves, here looking across to Aleck Low.

Ranger Service Bench

As I approached Alsop Staion I came across another one the the Ranger Service benches, a new one to me. I wonder if I'll ever find all 50 of them.


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