Mount Famine - Peak District Walk

Thursday 3rd May 2012

With a dry day forecast and the May Day Bank Holiday weekend looming we decided to escape before the crowds arrived and do a walk that I wanted to write up. If I hadn't been writing the walk up we would have extended the route to take in Kinder but that delight can wait for another day.

Start: Bowden Bridge car park (SK 0489 8699)

Route: Bowden Bridge car park - Mount Famine - South Head - Brown Knoll - Edale Cross - Coldwell Clough - Bowden Bridge car park

Distance: 6.5 miles     Ascent: 486 metres      Time Taken: 3 hours 55 mins

Terrain: Good paths and moor land.

Weather: Bright spells but cold when the sun disappeared.

Pub Visited: The Wye Bridge Inn, Buxton    Ale Drunk: Ruddles Bitter

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Bowden Bridge

Bowden Bridge car park, the start of the walk and the quarry from which the 1932 mass trespass began.

As the plaque in the old quarry states. Whilst I was taking this photo we got talking to a gentleman who knew Benny Rothman the leader of the trespassers.


Heading along Elle Bank and looking across to Ashop Head on Kinder.

Kinderlow End

Further along the track and Kinderlow End comes into view.

Mount Famine

The first view of Mount Famine and South Head.

Middle Moor

Heading up Mount Famine and pausing for a view back along the valley and across Middle Moor.

Chinley Churn

In the opposite direction the view is of Chinley Churn.

Mount Famine's summit

Approaching the summit of Mount Famine with South Head, the next summit, coming into view.


As we had been heading up Mount Famine the top of Kinder had been disappearing in and out of cloud.

South Head

Heading for South Head.

Mount Famine

From South Head Mount Famine takes on a very different shape.

Brown Knoll

Our route across to Brown Knoll follows the wall.

South Head

South Head.


Kinder is illuminated briefly by sun.

Brown Knoll

Much of the path to Brown Knoll is now slabbed, by the time we approached the top of the path I was almost missing bog hopping and being ankle deep in peat. The path takes the fun or challenge out of walking this part of the route.

Swine's Back

Heading for the top of Jacob's Ladder and blue sky starts to appear again over Swine's Back.

Crowden Tower

For a brief while we had views across to the southern edges of Kinder.

The Pagoda

Zooming in on the Pagoda.

Edale Cross

Edale Cross as we head back down.

It's that time of year again.

South Head & Mount Famine

A final view of South Head and Mount Famine.

River Sett

The last section of the walk was alongside the river Sett.

Back where we started and the Ranger Service bench in the car park, just below the plaque.


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